Journaling is, in itself, a creative pursuit — and it’s one we totally endorse. Whether you’re writing for mindfulness, making notes of things to be grateful for, or simply jotting down the events of your day-to-day life for memory’s sake, you probably find that getting into a regular practice of recording your thoughts and feelings cuts back on your stress and helps you get in touch with your best self. Where’s the downside? Nowhere.

While there are plenty of journal apps out there that can help you get in the habit of maintaining a personal record, there’s something a little extra creative about the potential that comes with a tangible notebook. Think of all the possibilities out there for adding a touch of personal pizzazz and artistry to an actual journal! We’ve rounded up five ideas that will help you take your journaling game to a whole new level.

1. Brit + Co DIY Planners ($15 for larger size, $6 for mini binder): Everything’s better personalized, right? Seriously — when was the last time you added your own special sauce to something and found you liked it less in its one-of-a-kind form? The answer (we think) is never. Our full collection of DIY planners, now available exclusively at Target, offers you all the options you need to jazz up your notebook game. You can choose from a range of fun and colorful journals and binders as a starting point, then add accessories like coloring book pages, photo corners, Washi tape, alphabet stickers, and more. With all these extras (not to mention the free Brit + Co Online Class you get with every planner purchase), your journal will be the coolest on the block.

2. DIY Instagram Journal: What’s more inspiring than images taken from your own fab life, and what better way to put those ‘grams you’ve invested such effort into filtering and editing just right than as the cover for a journal you can use to record all of your thoughts? All you need to DIY this photo-forward notebook is a basic journal, a handful of your favorite pics, and some simple crafting tools. When you’re finished, the collaged cover will be the perfect visual representation of the memories detailed inside. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. DIY Sharpie Journals: When it comes to stationery, it doesn’t get much more classic than a Moleskine or other plain black journal — but if you’re the kind of girl that likes to add a little extra edge to timeless staples, you’ll love this approach to crafting a custom notebook. Use white chalk transfer paper to sketch a design, or practice your hand-lettering skills on a favorite quote that will inspire you whenever you grab a pen. Fill in the lines with a metallic Sharpie, and voila! You’re looking at your new favorite journal. (via Lil Blue Boo)

4. Emoji Binders: This summer, well-known binder manufacturer Avery debuted a new product line featuring emojis. You can customize the cover design using free online templates, then print out the face that best fits your mood and slide it into the front of your notebook for all the world to see.

5. Watercolor Flair: Pick up a set of watercolors, and suddenly you’re transported back to the creative days of childhood. Add your creations to a plain canvas notebook and you’ll be inspired to be your most creative self every time you grab your journal to sketch or write. The possibilities with this journal DIY project are quite literally endless, and we can’t wait to see what you make. (via Brit + Co)

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