Pumpkins and Halloween go hand-in-hand. Whether we’re eating them a million different ways (or drinking them via PSLs), or going to the pumpkin patch to find *the* perfect one, they seem to be everywhere this time of year — and we’re not complaining. Think of them as blank canvases waiting for your creative carving idea to be etched into them and then put on display for all to see. Prepare to show your neighbors that you’re serious about pumpkin carving ;) Here are some super unique carving ideas to inspire some seriously creative DIY Halloween decor:

1. Emoji Carved Pumpkins: Carve out a wink and a smirk to egg on the trick or treaters or two heart eyes to show how much you love Halloween. (via Bespoke Bride)

2. Vampire Fang Carved Pumpkin Candles: Double up your decor game with these devilish fanged pumpkins that act as votive centerpieces too. (via Freutcake)

3. Sugar Skull Carved Pumpkin: Put a pretty twist on a typically scary skull — and with little to no effort. This design comes in the form of a free printable. (via Everyday Dishes & DIY)

4. Hamburger Pumpkin: This actually looks delicious. (via The Original Hamburger Pumpkin)

5. WiFi Carved Pumpkin: The perfect way to pass the time when your WiFi is down. (via Megan MacKay)

6. Succulent Carved Pumpkins: Give your favorite houseplants a cool new home for fall. (via Brepurposed)

7. Diorama Carved Pumpkin: How brilliant is this graveyard diorama? This approach uses plastic pumpkins and a whole lotta scary props so you can save the mess and store ‘em to use again next year. (via Eat, Knit & DIY)

8. Boo Carved Pumpkin: If you are ready to let your pumpkin speak for itself, this exquisitely simple and classic approach will speak spooky volumes. (via Brit + Co)

9. Gold Chevron Carved Pumpkins: This might be the chicest pumpkin makeover we’ve seen yet. (via Tatertots & Jello)

10. Pumpkin Lantern: Tote this creative lantern around with you while you collect on candy. (via A Subtle Revelry)

11. Marquee Carved Pumpkins: Spell out your favorite scary sayings this Halloween. A perfect DIY for your porch, stoop or windowsill. (via With Lovely)

12. Skeleton Carved Pumpkins: Eek! These graveyard-inspired pumpkins would look amazing and ghastly all lit up at night. (via Country Living)

13. Candy Jar Carved Pumpkin: Turn your pumpkin into a candy jar with some knife skills and chalkboard paint. (via In My Own Style)

14. Polka Dot Carved Pumpkin: Go next-level with your polka dot obsession this fall. (via Whipperberry)

15. Fall Leaves Carved Pumpkin: Everything you love about autumn in one place. (via Country Living)

16. Baby Announcement Carved Pumpkin: Use this seasonal staple to break the big news! (via @lysahud0803)

17. Skeleton Rib Cage Carved Pumpkin: Stick to a creepy classic with this skeletal design that’s sure to give your house some haunted vibes. (via Brit + Co)

18. Pup Pumpkins: We’re always looking for excuses to shower our furry family members with love, and this is just the thing for fall. Pay tribute to your four-legged BFF this season with an adorable portrait. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

19. Pi Carved Pumpkin: This is too clever (and making us hungry for a slice). (via @rydersmommy531)

20. Where the Wild Things Are Carved Pumpkin: Let the wild rumpus start with this classic pumpkin carving. Both kids and adults will like ‘em. (viaManiac Pumpkin Carvers)

21. Lantern Carved Pumpkins: These pumpkins give a whole new meaning to jack o’ lanterns. Just like the village pumpkins, the carving shapes are basic. All the details come courtesy of the paint. (via Country Living)

22. Anatomical Carved Heart Pumpkin: It’s time to get your science on. Anatomy teachers everywhere will cheer for this one. (via Brit + Co)

23. Sweet Tooth Carved Pumpkin: This is super cute and clever. Use whatever candy you have on hand. You’ll prob have a lot this time of year! (via Woman’s Day)

24. Constellation Carved Pumpkins: Bring the night sky right to your front porch with this marvelously minimal approach. (via Design Sponge)

25. Mustache Carved Pumpkin: This basic design is anything but boring — and way cooler than any other pumpkin on the block ;) (via Brit + Co)

26. Glitter Candle Carved Pumpkins: What’s better than adding a ton of glitter into your carved pumpkin? The fact that you can turn it into a candle too! (via Adventures in Making)

27. Herringbone Carved Pumpkin: This elegant design will dress up your stoop like that. (via Remodelando La Casa)

28. Starry Night Carved Pumpkin: This one’s a true masterpiece. (via Home-ology Modern Vintage)

29. Address Pumpkins: This functional and beautiful pumpkin is the perfect combination for your stoop. Contrast it with a different colored pumpkin or stack the numbers for some vertical wow factor. (via Kelly + Tiramisu)

30. Starbucks Pumpkins: PSL season is officially here. Let your neighbors know how much you love them with this carving. (via She Knows)

31. Carriage Pumpkin: We love the silvery look of the big pumpkin on this one. (via Hallmark)

32. Minion Carved Pumpkin: You can bring your favorite Pixar characters to your very own doorstep with this super realistic carving. We bet this one is incredible all lit up. (via Art by Joe Jones)

33. Nightmare Before Christmas Carved Pumpkin: A jack-o’-lantern featuring the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town seems only appropriate. (via Fantasy Pumpkins)

34. Volkswagen Carved Pumpkin: This one’s an All Hallow’s Eve tribute to the universal symbol of road trips and good times. (via Volkswagen UK)

35. Stars Carved Pumpkin: Here’s how to hack a swoon-worthy stargaze pumpkin design: use a drill to carve the sparklers. (via Wonder Forest)

36. Bert + Ernie Carved Pumpkins: Celebrate Sesame Street‘s recent upgrade to HBO with this homage to the classic duo. (via Make)

37. Intricately Carved Pumpkin: It’s hard to get more Halloween-chic than a pumpkin carved with an intricate, whimsical design. Pair with a few gold-painted pumpkins for the ultimate pumpkinscape. (via The Blue Brick)

38. Geometric Carved Pumpkins: Looking for a geometric, modern spin on the age-old jack-o’-lantern? Take this as inspiration and go monotone or use a couple of different colors for extra fun. (via Family Circle)

39. Monogram Carved Pumpkin: We *love* the distressed look of this pumpkin; it’s totally unique. (via Wonder Forest)

40. Scary Forest: For a more intricate, artistic pumpkin, spend the time to carve your own freaky forest. Bonus points for accompanying forest creature pumpkins. (via HGTV)

41. Pumpkin in Jail Carved Pumpkin: A pumpkin in pumpkin jail is so ironic. (via Glitter for All)

42. Bouquet of Flowers: Why not make your pumpkin a little prettier this year? This bouquet carving will be just the thing to add to your garden or patio. (via HGTV)

Which pumpkin carving is your favorite? Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Additional reporting by Cortney Clift + Cinnamon Janzer