It’s the most spooktacular time of the year! We know, we know. You get that we love Halloween. We’ve already shown you how to go digital on your costume, and keep churning out one spooky sweet after another, and now we’ve geared up to show you how you can get into the Halloween spirit on your smartphone. These are all really silly, and definitely require tapping into your inner trick-or-treater.

1. Zombiematic: Who needs to see yet another wedding ensemble photo? Zombify it! Love the idea of using this for a Halloween holiday card. (Free on iPhone)

2. Insert-A-Zombie: Or if you’re not into turning yourself and your friends into zombies, just insert a zombie! These photos definitely have a Shaun of the Dead vibe. (Free on iPhone)

3. Halloween Photo Effects: Create a totally creepy scene with help from this app. It’s got bats, pumpkins, ghosts, graves, and so much more. ($1.99 on iPhone)

4. Zombie Booth: Back to the zombies!! See what your true zombie self might look like with this silly little app. ($0.99 on iPhone and Android)

5. Ghost Capture: Freak out your friends and family with this one. Take a photo of any place and insert a ghost. You can adjust the transparency of the ghost as to your liking. ($0.99 on iPhone)

6. Haunted Face: Umm. Kind of obsessed with the name of this one. ($0.99 on iPhone)

7. iMut8r: Maybe it’s not a zombie or a ghost you’re into, but a MUTANT! Let this app mutate (errr… mut8) you! ($0.99 on iPhone)

8. Halloween Clip Art: Not into channeling your inner zombie? Use this app to add spooky accoutrements to any photo. (Free on iPhone)

9. Scary Clown Booth: Creepiest part of this app? The description starts with this: “Clown wants to play!” ($0.99 on iPhone)

10. Pumpkinizer: Last of all, turn yourself into a pumpkin! Wow. Just wow. ($0.99 on iPhone)

Have you stumbled across any spooktacular Halloween photo apps this October? Share links with us in the comments below. And be sure to share photos on Facebook on Twitter. Happy Halloween Month!