We’ve all seen the epic lip syncing battles on Jimmy Fallon, the dubbed videos of President Obama singing a mainstream song and even the news autotuned. There’s no denying they are all entertaining and hilarious to watch, but it takes a lot of time, patience and the right software to create these types of videos. Not just anyone can make their own viral video. At least that was the case until Crumbles came along.

As of right now, Crumbles’ software seems like it’s still in beta, but it’s still fun to tinker around with. At the top, there is a text input box where you can type up to 25 words. From there, the program will search for the specific words you typed and play your sentence using a variety of movie clips and TV shows. Besides their standard dictionary, there are also two other “dictionaries” you can choose from: Homer Simpson and Bee + PuppyCat. You can even choose to share your work on Twitter or Facebook.

They’re still lots of words that Crumbles doesn’t have in its standard dictionary yet, but we’re guessing their vocabulary will grow as they get deeper into development. Thirty Labs are the creatives behind this video platform, and they claim to be making the “next-generation digital video businesses.” That’s a pretty bold statement. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see what Crumbles will transform into, but until then we don’t mind being entertained by Homer Simpson’s “DOHs!”

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What are your thoughts about Crumbles? Do you think this is where our next generation is headed? Let us know in the comment section!