There’s a million excuses not to exercise. It might just be that it’s hard to get motivated, or maybe you’re tired or you’re busy. We can’t make you go to the gym, but we can try to inspire you with on-trend sports bras for a variety of activities. Whether you’re a gym-goer, an app-user, a runner, a yogi, a hiker or a SoulCycle acolyte, we’ve got a bra for you that’s so stylish, you’ll never want to put a shirt over it.

1. Botanic Sports Bra ($42): Nothing says “I’m amped to be at this 7 a.m. Pilates class” like a dash of a lovely floral print from Anthropologie.

2. Reebok Running Essentials Short Bra ($27): Runners, print lovers and color lovers take note. We’ve got your stripes, your polka dots, your hot pink and your neon yellow all in one sports bra.

3. Onzie Bustier Bra ($58): With this mix of prints and its unique shape, this bra is so on point you’re going to want to wear it to brunch.

4. Oasis Sports Bra ($75): The line between bikini top and sports bra is definitely blurred here, and for a C or D cup, that’s a line totally worth blowing out of the water.

5. Hype Bra ($125): We love this bra and its unique cut-out shape so much we’re going to marry it. Okay, maybe not. It’s more than we’d typically spend on a sports bra, but since we’re saving money by not buying tops anymore, we figure it evens out.

6. Hardtail Keyhole Crossover Tank With Bra ($44): Take the guesswork out of getting dressed for yoga with this stylish tank and bra combo piece. You can use that extra mental bandwidth to concentrate on your scorpion pose.

7. Onzie Orchid Bustier Bra ($44): This color-blocked bra is so rad, it may actually give incentive for exercise classes. Pop physique? Let us grab our bras. It’s on.

8. Fitness Bra ($32): Going basic doesn’t mean going boring. Don’t forget, American Apparel has always got your back for lively, solid colors!

9. The Cut Bra ($75): Complete with ergonomic seaming, this luxe bra has got cutouts on the back for ultimate style and comfort points.

10. Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra ($47): Panache is a British brand that specializes in creating hot, practical, plus size fashion, and this adorable sports bra is a testament to how well they do it. Available in a wide variety of sizes, from B-H cups, jogging just got a whole lot more comfortable.

11. Onzie Prism Elastic Bra ($44): We are so torn — which side of this bra is cuter? With those sexy black straps across the back or that killer graphic print across the front, it feels like a pretty serious choice.

12. Naked Sports Bra ($42): Going for a run on an unseasonably hot autumn day? No worries, this bra has got you covered with a fabric especially designed to reduce tan lines, while still being totally stylish.

13. Free to Be Bra ($42): Luluemon will always come through for stylish workout gear, and this bra is no exception. Made with a special moisture-wicking fabric and designed especially for hot-yoga classes, this bra is a must for all Bikram enthusiasts.

14. Trina Turk Bora Adjustable Strap Sports Bra ($37): This bra is fun and colorful… it’s almost like a party for your boobs! The invite list may be short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the best party in town.

15. Upside Down Tiger Ballet Bra ($64): You didn’t think we’d leave you without an animal print option did you? It’s not designed for high impact (so maybe, don’t do your CrossFit with this one,) but for that weekend hike or yin yoga class, it’s just the ticket.

Got a fancy sports bra that you just refuse to cover up? Tell us who the maker is in the comments below!