Let’s see if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re leaving the salon with a trendy fall cut or color, feeling fabulous, when you see another woman walking out with a beyond-daring ‘do. “I wish I could pull that off,” you murmur to yourself. Le sigh. Whether you’re grinding away at a nine-to-five where pink hair would never fly or just aren’t bold enough to shake things up, you probably know all too well that hair envy is real. The good news is that you can totally get away with next-level hair — all you need to do is know what you want and go for it. Here are nine haircuts and colors you can totally pull off.

1. The Bowl: LBH — this style is a bold choice and will not just grow back after a few weeks. But if you’re thinking about getting your bowl on, be confident about your choice and make it happen. It’s a seriously cool look for ladies with straight or textured hair.

2. Pink Hair, Don’t Care: There probably isn’t a celeb out there who hasn’t dyed their hair pink at some point. If you’re looking to jump in on the fun, this ombre effect looks perfectly shaded. #Goals.

3. Silver Spotlight: Having silver hair automatically makes you look too cool for school, right? If you’ve been eyeing granny locks for a while, it might be time to go ahead and get all 50 shades on your hair.

4. Colors of the Rainbow: Why limit yourself to just one color when you can get the full spectrum? This style might be worth considering if you’re into big and bold looks and unforgettable style. Bonus points if you go for pastel hues like this Insta-beauty.

5. Layered Bob: There’s only so much you can do with short hair, right? Nope. Most people just opt for straight cuts and forget that with a few key layers you can totally transform your look. Adding layers to your bob takes it to a whole other level — we’re talking major va va volume.

6. The Pixie: Maybe you’ve seen other women with pixie cuts and thought, “That looks great on her, but I could never pull it off.” Actually, you can! Pixies can go with any face shape. So if you’re thinking about it, chop chop!

7. Purple Power: A punchy purple shade is just a salon appointment away. And we’ll set the record straight right now — you won’t look like a certain purple dinosaur or Teletubby. This hue has never been more HR-approved, so if you’re going to do it, do it soon.

8. Asymmetrical Cut: In case you’re blanking on high school geometry basics, with an asymmetrical cut, not all of your hair has to be the same length or angle. This is a great way to mix things up if you’ve been getting the same cuts over and over.

9. Rose Gold: If you’ve been dreaming of adding a metallic finish to your locks in a shade that is so right now, you’re not alone. Women are flocking toward rose gold hair left and right. Now’s the time to take the plunge!

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