Sometimes it really just seems like everything in the world is magical, and today is definitely one of those days. You may have thought it was just a regular Tuesday, but it’s actually Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen. Yeah, you heard us: ice cream. For free. Amazing!

Dairy Queen

The iconic fast food chain is trying to get people in a springtime mood by giving away free ice cream the whole day! But do keep in mind, the offer is only good for one free small vanilla cone (which usually costs $1.89) at participating non-mall US locations only. Sorry, mall shoppers and chocolate lovers. But still, get a load of that adorable trademark swirl!

In exchange for your free cone, Dairy Queen will also be accepting donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

According to, last year Dairy Queen raised $140,000 and served more than 1,330 cones per store on Free Cone Day last year.

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(Photos via @dairyqueen)