Entertainment Weekly鈥榮 Dawson鈥檚 Creek cast reunion has brought up all sorts of memories and feelings, for both the cast and the fans. One still-very-hot topic of debate, of course, is the love triangle involving Joey Potter (Katie Holmes), Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), and Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek).

According to the show鈥檚 creator, Kevin Williamson, the original plan was for Joey to end up with her 鈥渟oul mate,鈥 Dawson. But that changed once Williamson notced the spark between Joey and Pacey 鈥 or, rather, the actors who played them. 鈥淲hen we saw the chemistry [between Holmes and Jackson], it was more surprising,鈥 he told Entertainment Weekly. Looking back on the decision to change the direction of Joey鈥檚 love life, he added, 鈥淚鈥檓 so happy we did it.鈥

Holmes is happy too 鈥 mostly because she (unlike Joey) didn鈥檛 have to actually choose. 鈥淚鈥檓 glad that Kevin had to make the decision and we didn鈥檛,鈥 she admitted.

Even Van Der Beek gives the outcome a thumbs up, despite the fact that his character ended up as the odd man out. 鈥淚t felt right to me,鈥 he confessed. 鈥淚t seemed like it made more sense.鈥

Unfortunately for him and the rest of #TeamPacey, it looks like Pacey and Joey鈥檚 happily-ever-after might not have been so happy. Asked where he thought his characters would be today, Williamson had some less-than-rosy predictions.

鈥淚 think Pacey and Joey got married. I think they had a family; I think there were troubles. I think they got a divorce,鈥 he told Entertainment Weekly. 鈥淚 think that when we meet them they鈥檙e in a very dark place. But there鈥檚 still something between them that forces them to come together and raise their children. As they seek out happiness with others, they just keep coming back to each other.鈥

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