Books allow us to indulge in stories and escape to different places. So it’s no wonder we just can’t seem to part with them, even after the story is over. Well, now you don’t have to. When you don’t have the luxury of dedicating a library entirely to your fave titles, it’s okay to improvise. Spreading your must-reads throughout your space is the new way of styling your home. Read on for some creative ways to decorate your space with books.

1. Hallway: Use any leftover space you have on a hallway table for your precious books. You can use your books to hold objects that match the decor you already have going on. (via Henry & CO Design)

2. Bookcase: Turn a bookcase into a colorful masterpiece you’ll love. This golden bookcase looks oh-so classy, and the bright books help the case maintain its abstract-cool look. (via Erika Brechtel)

3. Closet: Use those pretty fashion books to decorate your closet. What better way to get inspired while dressing each morning than to have your fashion inspo all around? (via Peep Toes)

4. Wall Art: Book covers are an art of their own. Most of us can probably say that’s the first thing that draws us to a specific title. Why not use an empty wall space to showcase some of your favorite covers? Invite your guests to flip through the pages while they wait. (via Stylizimo)

5. Fireplace: During those warmer summer months, you probably don’t want to go near a fireplace. Take advantage of the hot weather and use your fireplace as a book compartment. This will allow you some extra space for all your summer decor. (via Domino)

6. Coffee Table: A clear coffee tableneeds to be surrounded with color. Gather some of your most colorful books and fill the table with them. This will give your living room an overall chic and eclectic aesthetic. (via The Every Girl)

7. Dining Room: If you’re dining room is looking a little bare, then bring your books to the rescue. This combination works best in a small space that needs to utilize every wall and corner. The neutral table mixes well with the colorful books without being too overwhelming. (via Domino)

8. Ladder Bookshelf ($400): This is definitely not your ordinary bookshelf; it goes way beyond that. If you’re looking for a place to display books, plants, ceramics or anything in between, then look no further. (via West Elm)

9. On Your Desk: There’s nothing more alluring than pretty books and flowers, right? Beautify your desk with some of your fave reads. (via Miss Liz Heart)

10. Creative bookshelf: If you really feel like impressing your guests, then find or make an awesome bookshelf like this one. Not only will this step up your living room’s decor game, but it will make an impression on everyone who visits. (via Will Pryce)

11. Room: Most of us consider our bedroom our sanctuary, a place to escape from the outside world. So what better way to decorate your getaway place than with the tools we use to escape? (via Domino)

How do you decorate your space with books? Let us know in the comments below.