The bedroom is your place to relax, calm your mind and recharge… and maybe watch a season or two of The Bachelor. If you’re looking to create the ultimate bedroom oasis, you’ll want to choose a soothing color scheme. To help you out, we’ve got 12 color schemes guaranteed to get you relaxed. After you’ve got your color palette down, all you’ll need are a beautiful bed and maybe a cute and modern nightstand to match!

1. Navy and Coral: Navy not only elicits a soothing feeling, but also evokes the night sky. To balance the dark elements in this design theme, add coral for a pop of color. (via What’s Ur Home Story)

2. Yellow and Mint: Soothing doesn’t have to mean bland. Take just about any color in a pastel shade, and you’ve instantly got a calming hue. (via My Home Ideas)

3. White, Green and Brown: Bring a little nature into your bedroom with a green and brown color scheme, and you’ll wake up feeling as fresh as daisies. (via My Paradissi)

4. Brown and Black: While some may say you should never mix these two neutral tones, we say go for it! (via Historias de Casa)

5. Green and Pink: Green is a soothing color, while pink adds a girly touch. Put them together, and you have the perfect combo for any feminine bedroom. (via Hayneedle)

6. Gray and White: Rainy days are calming, right? Take inspiration from those overcast clouds and bring a touch of nature to your bedroom. (via Pretty Nice)

7. White: While we love colors and bright patterns, there’s no denying that white makes for a simple, minimalist design scheme that’s easy on the eyes. (via Coordinately Yours)

8. Black and White: This classic color duo says chic and modern without ever being too busy or bright. (via Homey Oh My)

9. Black, White and Yellow: Of course, if you can’t resist a pop of color, here’s a black and white scheme with a little sunshine thrown in. Fab, right? (via Rock My Style)

10. Yellow and Gray: Add some yellow to your gray bedroom and you’ll have some sunshine on a cloudy day. (via The Happy Space Project)

11. White and Brown: Sometimes less is more — with this neutral pair, that is definitely the case. (via Lark and Linen)

12. White and Wood: Sure, wood isn’t exactly a color, but a white room with wooden accents is seriously relaxing. (via Facing North With Gracia)

What color scheme do you have in your bedroom? Could you make it more calming? Tell us below!