It’s official: Delia’s is back from the dead. After it’s long-mourned demise late last year, mostly by kids of the ‘90s who bought their first ever set of glow in the dark door beads or bucket hat from the teen-only brand and collaged their high-school lockers with pages from it’s monthly mailed catalogue, the retailer has just relaunched for August as an online-only webshop.


But don’t bust out your lava lamps to celebrate quite yet, you 20 and 30-somethings. This retail resurrection isn’t banking on nostalgia to win back customers, aka you. Even though they’ve brought back the print catalogue in all of its mix-cased glory (now dubbed “The Zine”), the fashion, styling and lingo (#deliasforever) of the new dELiA*s is geared toward today’s tweens, and today’s tweens exclusively. And that’s actually pretty cool. With Converse in every color, sassy emoji and slogan tees and hoards of jeggings dominating its offerings, it’s clear that Delia’s is trying to be for this next wave of high school freshman what they were for us back in the day. Let your little sister have that (the cross your fingers that the new Limited Too actually does come back in all it’s glitter body lotioned glory).

What was the best thing you ever got from Delia’s? Share your feels about the Delia’s relaunch in the comments below.

(Photos via Delia’s + @delias)