When you hear “fine art,” you probably think of priceless works housed in pristine museums where normal behavior like breathing and sneezing isn’t exactly encouraged. So many people love art, but are dissuaded from enjoying exhibits because of cost, logistics and an environment that doesn’t always give off relaxing vibes. It would be awesome if museum-quality artworks could come to us, so we could enjoy them on our own terms. That’s why we were psyched to learn about the DAD, or Digital Art Device, new tech that streams digital and video art right into our homes or businesses.


You can get DAD as a DAD flat-screen or a DAD drive. Both devices deliver digital artworks into any room, through your WiFi connection. The 42-inch flat-screen can be easily installed in your home and includes all of the hardware available in the DAD drive, including 500 GB of storage, WiFi, Bluetooth and support for multiple media formats.


The DAD drive can be connected to the HDMI port on your current TV or video projector. High-definition artworks are stored in the DAD drive and streamed to your screen as if from the Louvre itself, without any loss of quality from the original.


To purchase and select artworks on your DAD device, you’ll need to download the free DAD mobile app. The app is currently only available for iOS users, but it will be available on Android soon. The team behind the DAD has partnered with everyone from galleries to art fairs to artists themselves to curate an assortment of fine art for the DAD. The DAD can even act like Spotify and enable you to create playlists of your favorite artworks to stream.


When you purchase a monthly DAD subscription, you’ll get access to diverse digital exhibitions selected by renowned curators. You’ll also get a printed catalogue of exhibitions and invitations to pretty sweet, members-only exhibitions in both France and the United States. With works continually being added, we think that the art binge is going to become the new Netflix binge.

If you want to binge with us on your favorite art, you can support the team behind the DAD by checking out their Kickstarter campaign. You can pledge as little as $1 to help the cause, or you can pledge approximately $997 to receive a DAD drive pack and start enjoying digital art in your home or business.

What art work would you want to display in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images via Kickstarter)