Does the thought of a brick oven pizza make you want to bust a move? I mean really get down, Studio 54 style on a light up Saturday Night Fever dance floor? No? What’s wrong with you? Pizza is the BEST. It might not be the best for you, but who can resist an artisanal slice? Especially if it comes out of a gigantic disco ball!

This completely unbelievable oven is the centerpiece of the recently opened Disco Volante in Italy, a place designed to not only carry the atmosphere of a southern Italian pizzeria but also transport you to the 1970s. Talk about a challenging but somehow awesome combo!

As with any pizzeria, the heart of this place is the oven. This one is your traditional wood-fired situation, but completely blinged out. It even rotates, creating a shimmer of light as it cooks up your pizza.

Designed by the team at Vienna-based Madame Mohr, the outer shell of the oven was produced utilizing CNC-milling technology to build the spherical framework. This shell is made from heat resistant concrete, and then covered with 7,500 mirror tiles glued one by one on site.

The idea of using a fabrication tool like a CNC mill to create something truly unexpected totally inspires us. And it embodies the concept of reinventing every day, more creatively.

What other strange and beautiful combinations could you come up with? Maybe a trash compactor robot modeled after R2D2? Light up LEGO storage cubes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.