If you’ve spent all holiday break mastering the art of homemade bath salts, then hold tight: there’s more fizz on the way with these 10 DIY bath bomb recipes. That’s right, you don’t just have to ogle them on the counters of Lush any longer, with just a handful of ingredients—baking soda and citric acid for fizz, and our favorite Epsom salts and essential oils for bulk, body, and balance—you can make these beauties right at home. Disclosure: they are more complex to create than their loose salt counterpart, so don’t think you can whip up a batch in a hurry—there’s lots of measuring and dry time involved. So add this to your weekend to do list, then soak up the rewards!

1. Ornament Mold Bath Bombs: If you’re like us, you’ve got a handful of clear ornaments left over from holiday DIYs. Rather than let them collect dust, put them to good use by using them as molds for bath bombs! We have to say, it’s kind of a genius move. (via Intimate Weddings)

2. Easter Egg Bath Bombs: Here’s another clever use of super seasonal decor: use plastic Easter eggs as molds for bath bombs. We’re nuts about the whimsical shape of these bath fizzes. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Itty Bitty Bath Bombs: The many uses for ice cube trays continue to blow our minds, from storing chicken stock, making boozy ice pops, and now, molding bath bombs. You don’t need to store in these in the freezer though, just let dry completely for at least four hours or up to overnight. (via Eat, Knit & D.I.Y.)

4. Dried Flower Bath Bombs: Mixing dried flowers into your beauty products not only adds texture, but also enhances the scent of your soap, scrubs, or bath bombs. Pair a lavender-scented bath bomb with dried lavender buds for a soothing, spa-level experience. (via Emma Mag)

5. Cupcake Liner Bath Bombs: These bath bombs have been making the rounds here on Brit + Co. due to their eye-catching colors and intriguing scents—from soothing vanilla and coconut to invigorating cinnamon and green tea. Enough with the eye candy—someone draw me a bath! (via Idlewife)

6. Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs: Hold the phone—fortune cookie-shaped bath bombs? Sign us up! You should obviously store these suckers in take-away boxes ;) (via Instructables)

7. Bath Bomb Favors: While adding dried flowers to the tops of your bath bombs is key to achieving that authentic apothecary feel, there are plenty of other festive add-ins that will amp up your homemade bath bombs: try dried herbs or even confetti! (via Something Turquoise)

8. DIY Bath Pebbles: Looking for a mini fizz without much fuss? Try your hand at these small bath “pebbles” made from bath salts you may already have on hand. (via Humblebee & Me)

9. Citrus Scented Bath Fizzies: Get reinvigorated with these citrus-scented bath bombs that get their yellow tint from turmeric. We love how the batch is packaged in a beautiful organza bag, making it the perfect favor for baby showers or even a secret Valentine. (via Evermine Blog)

10. Rustic Bath Bombs: There’s something so comforting about these rustic bath bombs bursting with dried flowers and herbs. If you follow this blogger’s lead, they won’t just look good, they’ll also smell great—with a refreshing rosemary, eucalyptus and spearmint or a calming lavender and blue camomile at your disposal, there’s no need to ever call the spa again! (via Bare Root Girl)

What’s your favorite DIY bath or beauty product? Tell us in the comments below!