When the temps start to drop, so does the moisture in our skin. That’s why we’re breaking out the masks, new beauty products and lotions as if the release of the pumpkin spice latte depended on it. When beginning a new beauty routine for the season, we recommend starting with oils. Not only do the benefits speak for themselves, but oils are cheap and easy to get ahold of, and they effortlessly mold into whatever beauty product you most need on your vanity. Still not sure about switching to oils? Browse these top 10 DIYs.


1. DIY Tea Tree Oil Face Toner: Tea tree oil is insanely good for treating acne, but also makes an especially good post-cleansing toner. (via She Uncovered)


2. Oil Pulling 101: If you haven’t heard the rumors, oil pulling is an incredible way to fight off germs and bad breath. Plus, it makes those pearly whites even whiter. (via Hello Natural)


3. DIY Makeup Remover: This two-ingredient wonder is a lot cheaper and more natural than anything you’ll find at a makeup counter. (via Live Simply)


4. DIY Coconut Rose Lip Balm: Of course the petals look gorg, but they’re also semi-healing (rose water, anyone?) and make for a soft lip scrub when applying. Not a fan of roses? Swap out for another favorite flower or herb. (via My Baking Addition)


5. DIY Spray Facial Toner: Made with apple cider vinegar and lavender oil, this toner is a beauty powerhouse. A spritz or two daily will help do everything from lighten sun spots and balance your skin’s pH to heal acne scars and minimize pores. (via Health Starts in the Kitchen)


6. DIY Cuticle Oil: Made with almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E, this DIY oil will help treat dry and damaged cuticles. Did we mention that the ingredients are pretty darn inexpensive and the final product will save you quite the pretty penny? (via Humblebee & Me)


7. Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub: We already know and love all the benefits of coconut oil, but this scrub takes our adoration to a whole other level (a spa-like level, if you will). Requiring only three ingredients, it’s super easy to make and totally natural, and it makes a great bridal shower gift. (via Eating Bird Food)


8. Herb-Infused Body Oil: This oil will have you dumping your body lotion like your loser ex. The herbal + relaxing concoction will help seal moisture into your skin, keeping it both hydrated and protected. (via BLDG 25)


9. DIY Botanical Perfume: Forget Marc Jacobs — Mother Nature is the scent to try this fall. Especially when you can smell like summer. (via The Mountain Rose Blog)


10. Coconut + Argan Oil Hair Mask: Between chlorine and sun, our hair has taken a beating this summer. Restore it to its natural, vibrant glory with this three-ingredient hair mask. (via By Britney Goldwyn)

What’s the biggest beauty-related transition you struggle with when going from summer to fall? Tell us in the comments below!