We believe that there is a DIY project to occupy almost every weekend. Food lovers spruce up their kitchen, designers figure out how to make the most of small spaces and some fashionistas even craft their own jewelry. If your favorite pastime involves escaping into a good book, then a fun book-inspired DIY project is just what you need. From fashionable pieces to furniture to art, these projects might just inspire you to turn off Netflix for the weekend in favor of a must-read.

1. Book Covers With Colorful Tape: Protect those precious books with some old-school, washi-adorned covers. They’ll make any coffee table look shiny and bright. (via Brit + Co)

2. Vintage Book Clutch: If you want to carry around a signature clutch, add a bit of personality by using your favorite classic book as the base. It’s not only fashionable, it’s the perfect conversation starter. (via Brit + Co)

3. Stack ’em Up: Since you read so much in bed, why not make your bedside table out of books? The modern white paint and disheveled stacking make this piece look like a high-end buy. (via True and Sania)

4. DIY Notebook: This cute notebook can be made in less than five minutes (yes, five!) with only a paper bag, string and some pens. It’s the perfect companion for jotting down thoughts as you read. (via The House That Lars Built)

5. Book Headboard: Now this is the ultimate bedtime story. Sleep with the words from your favorite authors, past and present, resting above you. (via Recyclart)

6. Book Clock: Have you ever adored the cover of a book and felt awful that it sat hidden on a shelf? Bring it front and center by turning it into a clock with this unique DIY. (via Brit + Co)

7. Bookmark: Create your own love note with an adorable pocket bookmark that fits perfectly on the page you left off. Feel free to go wild with color blocking or even mix some patterns in for a stylish book accessory. (via Wake & Whimsy)

8. Brick Books: This DIY just requires a book for inspiration, an interest in painting and a brick waiting to get turned into art. (via Home Jelly)

9. Book Page Art: Print your fave Instagram pic or a cool painting onto a page to make your very own book-inspired art. (via Wonder Forest)

10. Keepsake Box: Your favorite book already holds the words closest to you, but it can also hold the items you treasure the most. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

11. Marbeled Notebooks: Marble contact paper FTW! Cover some plain ol’ notebooks with the stuff for a trendy twist. (via Brit + Co)

12. Cozy Reading Nook: You don’t need to have a designated space to create the perfect reading nook. This DIY hammock can go just about anywhere and it’s the perfect spot for spending an afternoon reading. (via A Beautiful Mess)

What are some library-chic DIY projects you’re excited to try? Tell us in the comments!