You can roll it, fold it, squish it, smoosh it — basically, whatever you dream up you can make with polymer clay. We suggest using the versatile sculpting stuff to create beautiful rings and accessories. And the best part? Working with polymer clay is totally easy (just shape and bake) and you typically only need a few supplies to make a piece of jewelry. From super bright necklaces to dainty, delicate earrings, these 13 polymer clay jewelry DIYs totally stun.


1. You Stud: Simple stud earrings look a whole lot cooler in bright, popping shades and marbleized effects crafted out of polymer clay. (via Brit + Co)


2. Totally Tube-ular: This minimal design has a major impact thanks to color blocked clay accented with a little gold spray paint. (via The Lovely Drawer)


3. Granite Me This: These lightweight rings look like they would feel a lot heavier, thanks to the use of “granite” clay. (via Fall for DIY)


4. In Full Bloom: Just a little bit of twisting action turns strips of clay into pretty petal earrings that’ll add a feminine touch to any outfit. (via Elm Street Life)


5. Cool Color Block: Color blocking this simple half-circle necklace brings clay crafting to a whole new level of chic. (via Delighted Momma)


6. Knotty Nautical: Since polymer clay is so easily sculpt-able, it’s perfect for making cool shapes like these nautical-inspired knot earrings. (via eHow)


7. Gilded in Gold: All that glitters isn’t gold… sometimes it’s just gold spray paint. Spray on some shimmer to make basic clay rings shine. (via Made From Pinterest)


8. Glimmering Glass: Use polymer clay as a base for more complicated jewelry DIYs, like these post earrings made with glue glitter and gold leaf foil. After your hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a statement-making piece that looks totally high end. (via Fall for DIY)


9. Neon Geo: Bring the ’80s back in full force with bright neon earrings in fun, faceted geometric shapes. (via Petit Elephant)


13. Flower Power: Matte white clay petals circularly stacked come together to form this delicate pair of petal earrings. So. Dreamy. (via Happy Together)


10. Hair Bling: Brighten up a day-old hairdo with some clay bobby pins in shocking colors. You can find square pins like the ones above at most craft stores. (via Hello Natural)


11. Hang Low: The clay used in these stunning drop earring DIY looks like a precious gemstone with a marbleized, facetted effect. (via Fall for DIY)


12. On-Point Ombre: Stacked clay discs ranging from deep green to bright mint make a truly eye-catching piece. Wear it with a simple, solid-colored sweater for more pop. (via Tuts Plus)

Which jewelry DIY will you be breaking out the polymer clay to make? Tell us in the comments below!