It’s no secret that we love books. In fact, our very own book Homemakers just hit shelves this week. To keep up with all of the excitement, we are paying homage to book-inspired gifts and gadgets. These finds will take your reading/lounging/me time to the next level. From book lights to techy finds and beyond, scroll down for 11 gadgets made just for us book lovers.

1. Typewriter Boneyard Hardback Book Lamp ($150): We couldn’t think of a cooler way to upcycle an old book. This unique reading lamp is sure to be a conversation starter.

2. Booksi Dock ($54): This is the perfect charging dock for any book lover. The best part? You get to choose your favorite book.

3. 3000 Classic Books ($30): This is the ultimate book gadget. Just plug this handy dandy USB into your computer for a virtual library on the go. From Charles Dickens to Jane Austen, you’ll never run out of classics to enjoy.

4. Book Binder ($30-$45): This twist on the traditional bookend is simple yet genius. The elastic band provides ample storage, while the boards on either end allow for a freestanding showcase of your most prized novels.

5. Biddeford Heated Chevron Velour Electric Blanket ($70-$130): Keep cozy while taking in your new book, especially on these cold winter days.

6. Mini Lumio+ ($100): Stow this pocket-sized light in your bag for reading on the go. Bonus: It will also charge your phone.

7. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy ($50): This caddy will hold your book, a glass of wine and a yummy-smelling candle so you can concentrate on a relaxing bubble bath.

8. The Point and Click Dictionary ($280): While the price tag is a bit high, the value is totally worth it here. Not only does this baby kick out definitions in a snap, but it also offers audible word pronunciations and translates to several languages.

9. Oraton Rubber Stamps Library Embosser ($26): Rather than scribbling your name in each of your precious books before loaning them out, make a clean mark with a personalized stamp.

10. Klevercase Book Cover for Kindle ($40): Though you may not be carrying around an actual book, you can still give the impression of one with a book-ish cover for your eReader.

11. Nap Massaging Bed Rest ($100): With ample storage, a cup holder, a book light and a built-in massager, this bed rest is everything. Sign us up.

What book gadgets are you into? What accessories do you like to use when reading? Chat with us in the comments!