Hey, non-Kindle users, we’ve got a very serious question for you: How do you remember what page you were on? We generally use anything and everything to mark where we left off — concert tickets, a random scrap of paper or even a dog-eared corner. It’s time to start marking your pages in style; especially with all those great summer reads you’ve got lined up. These adorable DIY bookmarks are super easy to create. Plus, they make a very thoughtful gift for bookworms. But the best part? Everything you need to make these pretty page-savers is probably already in your home.

1. Pattern Bookmark: These brightly colored printable bookmarks are pretty awesome. The grungy pattern was originally created by doodling with a dried out marker! (via Design Eat Repeat)

2. Leather Color Block Bookmark: Color blocking is always a good idea. That’s why we’re lusting over these chic leather markers. (via And We Play)

3. Yarn Ball Bookmark: To say we’re obsessed with these fun pom-pom bookmarks would be an understatement. Look how darling these are when placed in a stack of books! It’s a charming way to dress up your bookshelf while still saving the page. (via Design Mom)

4. Color Block Bookmark: These beauties are for the creative folk who like to experiment with paint. While acrylic is recommended for this job, we can picture a whole new take on this project with soft watercolors. (via Jade and Fern)

5. Washi Tape Bookmark: Yay! Another awesome way to use washi tape! (via How About Orange)

6. Gem Bookmark: This free printable couldn’t get any easier. Use colored printer paper for a brighter take on this fine gem. (via Pop + Soda)

7. Magnetic Bookmark: How freakin’ cute are these? All it takes is your favorite washi tape and some sticky magnet strips to make these little cuties. (via A Lemon Squeezy Home)

8. Foxy Bookmark: We love these whimsical printable bookmarks. Available in bright orange and powder blue, these foxes are anything but ordinary. (via Lonnies)

9. Arrow Bookmark: It looks like you fell asleep at exactly this word. All you need to make this precise little helper is a popsicle stick, some elastic and your favorite washi tape. (via Onelmon)

10. Heart It Bookmark: These free printable bookmarks are like a real-life Pinterest. Use them to tag magazine articles, book pages or recipes in your favorite cookbooks. (via The Pretty Blog)

How do you mark the pages of your books? Let us know in the comments below!