Next up on making the ultimate DIY New Year’s Eve, we’ll show you the basics of creating your own custom set of cloth cocktail napkins. These will add a personal touch to any soiree, and are particularly perfect for December 31st. Once you’re done, you’ll have no choice but to… bring on the bubbly!

 – linen napkins

– fabric marker (dark colors work best)


1. Get those napkins together. If you want to make your own, create a 12×12-inch square and double hem all the way around on your sewing machine.

2. Iron your napkins.

3. Choose a word you want to write on your napkins and practice a few times on a scrap piece of fabric to get a feel for how the word will look in your handwriting.

4. Write right on those napkins!

5. Repeat for as many napkins as you like. Some fabric markers require you to heat-set them after writing. Just be sure to follow the instructions for this that come on your package of markers.

Gather your supplies. You can find cocktail napkins at your local home décor store or online. If you can’t find what you want, you can always create your own napkin by using a 12” x 12” square and double hemming all the way around.

Pick out a fabric marker color that will show up well on your napkin. Ensure that your napkins are neatly ironed.

Decide on the word you want to use for your napkin and practice it a few times on a scrap piece of fabric to get a feel for how the word will look in your style of hand lettering. This will also help when you move on to the napkins to easily flow when writing the word without errors.

Write your word out — if you are using a thin fabric marker like the one here, you will probably need to go over the letters a few times to bold them.

Repeat for each napkin and pop open the bubbly!

What DIY projects are you cranking out before the big night? Talk to us in the comments below.