We might sound like a broken record, but we love contact paper! It’s literally the easiest way to punch up any item of home decor, from bud vases to serving trays. Speaking of, that’s exactly what we chose to trick out for this DIY—turning colorful trays into ultra luxe looking platters using marble-pattern contact paper! Inspired by Poppytalk’s DIY Marble Coffee Table, these trays are our take on this DIY basic. Introducing: color block marble trays. Let’s get making!


– trays (we purchased 3 stackable trays from The Container Store)

– spray paint

– spray paint gloss finish

– marble contact paper

 – pencil

– scissors


1. Spray paint each tray. We chose to do bright shades of blue and green.

2. Wait for the trays to dry and then coat with a gloss finish.

3. Trace trays on contact paper and cut it to size.

4. Place the contact paper inside the tray, then draw lines where you need to trim. Cut piece to new dimensions.

5. Peel that sticky paper off and place it down on the inside of the tray. Now you’ve got beautiful color blocked marbled trays!

We love color blocking so of course we needed to color block our DIY marble trays! Focus on the outside edges because the center will be covered with the contact paper. You might want to try an ombre set or a monotone set of trays, too.

Once your trays are dry, spray a glossy finish on top of the spray paint. This will keep the paint from chipping off.

Then trace the tray on the contact paper for to make a template for your inlay, then cut it out. Your piece will most likely be too big for the inside of the tray, so use a pencil to trace where you will need to trim. Once it’s cut down to size, get stickin’!

Peel off that sticky and lay down that marble! As you can see, we did this for all three of our painted trays.

Check it out: faux marble color blocked trays—total win!

These trays are perfect for a party. But if you’re not planning a bash in the foreseeable future, check out some ways you can use them around the house right now!

Tea time anyone? Or use this guy to bring your boo or roommate breakfast in bed! Aww!

Now you’ll always know where you put your glasses! A accessory organizer never looked so luxe.

The large tray is the perfect size for a desk. Use it to organize all of your office supplies and knickknacks.

Or stack ’em and stash ’em until the party patrol calls!

What do you think about this modern take on marble? Tell us in the comments below!