We’re all-natural junkies and DIY aficionados here, so we can’t help getting giddy when we find a book that speaks to the maker in us. A Wilder Life is just that gift, filling pages with simple and creative ways to nurture our connection with nature. From home recipes for making dry shampoo to learning the basics of gardening, the creators of this book are sharing knowledge of the old (and maybe slightly familiar), but with a sophisticated, modern twist. We chatted with one of the authors, Abbye Churchill, about her goals and the best bits of the book.

Cover A Wilder Life

Abbye says she created this book because our generation needs a guide that makes sense for us. “What distinguishes our generation from our parents’ generation is our ability to have a more rounded sense of how to interact with nature. Our generation has found more balance in seeking nature where and how we can find it, making it more accessible than ever. From windowsills to rooftops to remote islands, our generation has brought the natural world to us.”

Abbye shared, “Everyone should own A Wilder Life because it offers simple ways to feel connected to nature, food and the wild. It is a hands-on manual that offers real-life projects to get your hands dirty, for beginners and experts alike.” We couldn’t agree more — her book is gorgeous, full of huge photos and easy-to-read infographics about gardening topics you never knew you needed to know.

She explained to us, “A Wilder Life speaks to our generation of nature-seekers by introducing projects that can be done by anyone, anywhere. You need not have a large tract of farmland or backyard forest (though there’s plenty in the book for those lucky enough to have those resources). Our book underscores the proximity to nature, wherever you are, through hands-on projects.”


Abbye also has great advice for those who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to gardening. She tells us, “Plant something! Anything! It can be a baby aloe plant or something easy, like a peace lily. Or, go foolproof and try a grow light system like the Click and Grow that will connect you with the growing process from seed to plant in a totally tech-monitored way (via app). Or, my personal favorite way to feel connected to nature is to shop at farmers’ markets. You immediately are connected to the seasons, and gain a deeper appreciation for where our food comes from.”

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