Spring is officially here! We’ve already shown you how to add color to your kitchen, to your cake, and to your cords. Now, it’s time to upcycle those seemingly useless wire hangers into neon nonslip hangers for all your bright springtime apparel.


– wire hangers

– yarn

– tape

– scissors

First, figure out how thick you want your hangers to be. To mimic a standard hanger, we used 5 at a time.

Stack them together, and use clear tape to keep them aligned.

Tie yarn right under the curve at the top of your hangers. Now wrap! You want to keep things pretty tight, and it’s best to keep the yarn in one bundle. If you don’t want to deal with the whole yarn skein, grab a phone charger or cork and create a smaller spool as we did for our Cozy Winter Cuffs.

As you wrap, remove the clear tape. Keep wrapping and wrapping.

Repeat with as many hangers as you like and you’re done.

Here our darling hangers are with some of our favorite neon pieces.

And they’re sure to brighten up even the darkest of closets!

Got any tips for repurposing wire hangers? How do you add a little pizzazz to the hangers in your closet? If you give this a try, we’d love to see photos. Send a note to hello@brit.co or say hi on Twitter.