Remember when home organization became, like, a thing? It was around 2000, about the same time the magazine Real Simple launched, and we all fell in love with beautiful cover photos of organized closets with color-coded bins. Three years later HGTV debuted the show Mission: Organization and TLC piloted Clean Sweep. Fast forward to today and we are equally transfixed by A+E’s Hoarders. We love everything organization, including books, magazines and shows. The one thing we don’t love is the price tag associated with getting organized. The Container Store recently revealed that after hiring an organizer the average home-owner spent $2,500 on organization products. Wow! More power to you, if you’ve got that kind of dough to drop. And we can’t think of a more worthy project to spend money on than our home. But it really isn’t necessary. Here are 40 cheap and brilliant ways to repurpose, sort, store, and tidy, all in the name of organization.

The key to keeping costs in line is to repurpose containers that you already have laying around the house. Here are 11 colorful ways to repurpose bins and baskets. Or take a cue from Amy Anderson over at Decor Hacks, who took some old crates, painted them bright colors and mounted them on the wall of her entryway to corral her family’s shoes. Love the way that rug color-coordinates with the lavender crates!

It seems every room of the house has some little corner where clutter gathers, whether it’s discarded clothing in the bedroom, makeup and beauty products in the bathroom or electronic cords and rechargers in the office. We have DIY organization hacks for every room of the house. Here are 44 ideas to organize your office space, 17 ways to organize your drawers and 13 upcycling hacks to organize your closets.

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(Photo via Decor Hacks)