An organized home is a happy home. But what鈥檚 even better? Achieving said organization with easy, on-the-cheap DIYs. We鈥檙e talking paint, smart hanging hacks and even using up that leftover rope in the garage. The best part: By the end of your crafting period, everything in your home will have a place to go. Have we gotten you totally amped up and ready to craft away? Then explore our 11 super fab, stylish storage options we鈥檙e diying to try.

1. Coil Storage: Rope + colorful thread = a deliciously lovely decoration for just about anywhere in the home 鈥 and it鈥檚 functional, too! (via Brit + Co)

2. Painter鈥檚 Dream: Stripes and color blocking is the easiest way to update a handful of wicker baskets in next to no time. Just add paint! (via Molly Meg)

3. Nice Neon: Small, yet stylish. We鈥檇 keep these tiny baskets on a desk, filled with paper clips or other work supplies that often get lost in the shuffle. (via DIY Ready)

4. Silver Statement: All you need is a can of silver spray paint to transform a wicker basket into a statement-making home accessory. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Bright Disposition: Whatever items you store in these bright and bold baskets will never get lost, because, let鈥檚 face it, these baskets are pretty easy to spot! (via Handy Crafter)

6. Color Block Cool: Ready for a rope-tastic take on organization? Add pops of color with these soft and cozy storage baskets in your little one鈥檚 bedroom or playroom. Or your bedroom. (via My Poppet)

7. Blue Basics: A light blue and white basket is a totally serene way to store blankets or pillows in your bedroom or living space. (via I Heart Organizing)

8. Shoe Shelving: Wooden baskets get a whole new life when hung on walls to serve as a little lift for the entire family鈥檚 shoe collection. Now that鈥檚 one smart solution. (via Decor Hacks)

9. We Heart Organization: We don鈥檛 have to tell you why these DIY baskets are must-makes, do we? The heart shape speaks for itself. Love! (via Poppet)

10. Wire Appeal: Talk about the easiest way to add a warehouse chic element to an otherwise unimpressive bathroom. Wire baskets hung on the walls is the perfect way to store easy-to-grab essentials. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Steps to Success: Space can be tight 鈥 especially in an apartment. Which is why this ladder DIY filled with small, yet effective storage baskets is a great example of making the most of vertical space in the home. (via Natalme)

Now that you鈥檝e seen these easy storage DIYs, tell us below in the comments, what is your favorite home DIY you鈥檝e ever done?