We had major plans to do some serious spring cleaning in our closets this year. And now, summer has rolled around and we *still* haven’t gotten around to it yet. While we’ve already spruced up our makeup collectionand our finances, it’s finally time to move on to the biggest task of them all: the closet. Check out these hacks to organize your closet like a pro. Bonus: You should be able to do all of them with stuff you have lying around your house. Sweet!

1. Can Tabs: Short on space? Recycle can tabs to double up hangers. It’s that easy! (via The Shabby Creek Cottage)

2. Photo Tags: We’ve all been there: Your shoes become one big jumbled mess that you have to sort through every morning. So what’s the solution? Snap pics of your shoes and hang tags on each shoe box. #Genius (via House to Home)

3. Jewelry Blocks: If you have a little extra wall space in your closet, add this DIY to showcase and organize your bracelets or necklaces. All it takes is some wood blocks and dowels. (via Emily Henderson)

4. External Space: If you’re really short on space, take your closet *outside* the actual closet. Pick up a wire shelf like this one to hang heels, bags and sunnies. Not only is it great for storage, but it also makes for an awesome statement piece. (via Glamour)

5. DIY Drawer Organizer: If you have LOTS of space in your closet (so jealz), then use that wall space for storage or a photo display. Just upcycle an old drawer to store your favorite statement necklaces, postcards, knick-knacks or whatever! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Repurposed Hangers: Hangers aren’t just for clothes. Put your sunnies + readers on a hanger and tuck ’em away safely in your closet. (via Love U Madly)

7. Clothes Pin Scarf Hanger: How fun is this DIY? All it takes is some repurposed wood and a few clothes pins to make one awesome scarf organizer. (via Sally Ann)

8. Wire Baskets: But, if you don’t feel like DIYing, snag a couple wire baskets to hang on the wall. They make for a great catch-all for scarves, socks and miscellaneous items. (via Decor Fix)

9. Desk Organizers: Maximize space by using desk organizers. Yep, you can separate different pieces of clothing or even towels using paper and file organizers like these. Be sure to add labels so you always know what you’re grabbing. (via The Real Thing With the Coake Family)

10. Hang Statement Necklaces: We’re all guilty of it: Bundles of necklaces and other jewelry are tangled into one giant mess and you end up never wearing any of them. Adding fun knobs and hooks to an empty wall in your closet is the perfect way to display and organize your fave statement necklaces. (via iHeart Organizing)

11. Daily Separators: If you want to keep your closet *super* organized, plan ahead and separate your wardrobe by day. These separators are printable and free. (via Make Life Lovely)

12: Embroidery Hoop Hamper: The floor of your closet is a coveted space for shoes, which means there ends up being no room for your hamper. DIY this embroidery hoop hamper to solve that problem STAT. (via Making Nice in the Midwest)

13. Clutch Organizer: We think we saved the most clever hack for last. Turn a kitchen lid rack into a clutch organizer. Mind. Blown. (via Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style)

What’s your favorite way to organize your closet? Share your secrets in the comments below.