The Oscars are only a couple weeks away and we are on the edge of our seats to see if our favorite teen heartthrobs will be walking away with those tall golden awards. We’ve whipped up some party ideas for you to host the most spectacular Oscars party yet. One key element you can’t forget: popcorn! Download our cute popcorn printable wrapper and turn your cupcakes into mini popcorn containers for your guests. Don’t forget to deck out your space with everything gold, red and black — including turning your extra red fabric or table cloth into a movie theatre curtain. (Photo booth moment for sure) #EddieRedMayneforthewin!


Popcorn cupcakes



– cupcakes

– marshmallows

– yellow sprinkles

Popcorn cupcake printable
– scissors and tape


Stick mini marshmallows onto the top of your frosted cupcake. Sprinkle on yellow sugar to mimic butter, then add the popcorn printable wrapper.


We can’t get enough of these little tubs of popcorn! Pro tip: Make sure the icing is still gooey so the marshmallows (ehem, popcorn kernels) really stick!

Gold Fringe Chandelier

Materials + Tools:

two gold fringe curtains
– two sizes of embroidery hoops

– hot glue gun

– fishing line

– scissors


Separate the two sections of the embroidery hoop and then hot glue the gold fringe to the inner hoop. Complete this step on both sizes of hoop. Trim the fringe to your desired length. The smaller hoop will sit inside the larger hoop so you will want the larger one to have a longer layer of fringe.


Cut four pieces of fishing line and tie to the outer hoops of the embroidery hoop pairs. Slide the inner hoops into the outer hoops and screw in tight.


Attach fishing line to the top of the hoop to let your chandelier shine bright in your party space. This is a great piece for a photo booth backdrop or for hanging over a table spread.


Set up a little treat table for your guests! We included shimmery gold donuts, tuxedo cheese and crackers and of course, popcorn cupcakes and real popcorn.


We cut slices of cheddar into rounded triangles and decorated them with bowties and buttons made out of olives.


Sprinkle edible gold glitter on top of glazed donuts to give these sweet treats some extra pizazz.


Get a little cutesy with bowtie napkins. Accordion fold the napkins and wrap the center with a second napkin. Hold in place with a small piece of tape.


Popcorn in popcorn – so meta.

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