Relaxation means lazy summer days lying in a hammock, amirite? If you love the idea of lounging with a cold cocktail and a good summer read, but aren’t really into the look of a plain Jane hammock, why not try pimping out your hammock in five easy steps? A few strategic knots and colorful ribbon or fabric can take a hammock from boring to bohemian in a matter of minutes with this tutorial from BrightNest.

 – netted or weaved hammock

– varying sizes of ribbons or swatches of fabric in different colors

– hammock stand or tree hammock hangers

 – scissors


1. Cut your ribbon into 8 to 12 inch strips.

2. Lay your hammock out flat with the edges out.

3. Tie ribbons tightly around the outer edges of the hammock.

4. Secure your hammock with hooks or a hammock stand.

5. Relax in your bohemian hammock! May we suggest a cocktail?

We used ribbon, but an assortment of colorful fabric swatches would look great, too! For the ultimate bohemian look, cut your ribbons different lengths varying from 8 to 12 inches long. Mix and match the lengths when you tie the ribbons or fabric to your hammock.

To prevent your ribbons or fabric from completely unraveling or becoming scraggly over time, cut an angle on the end of each strip. To make your fabric and ribbons even stronger, paint a coat of clear nail polish along the end.

Lay your hammock flat, then pull a loop through the hammock edge.

Next, pull the ends of your ribbons through that loop. Pull tightly!

Do this around the entire outer edge of your hammock. We did one ribbon at a time, but to make your hammock look even more like an Anthropologie steal, double or triple up on the number of ribbons you tie in one place.

We tied ribbon along the outer edges, because they’re the least likely to get caught on pants or clothing, but you can personalize your hammock by adding ribbon to any of the loops! Pro hammock-hacking tip: Avoid the long, straight, non-interweaving strings that connect the hammock to the hook (a lot of ribbons in this area will cramp your hammock’s mobility).

How fresh is that? Can’t wait to sit back, relax and hammock it up all summer long.

Do you have a hammock in your summer fun kit? What does it look like? Where do you use it? Talk to us in the comments below.