Slip on your sunglasses, grab a good book and be sure to have an ice cold beverage within reach, because you are well on your way to mastering the art of relaxing. We’re tossin’ those lounge chairs aside, skippin’ the La-Z Boy and hanging a hammock to really bask in the luxury of lounging. Not only do hammocks look super cool, but you’ll quickly be hooked with just one sway! Whether you choose to cocoon yourself in a traditional hammock or hang one for your mini-me, here are 17 serene slings for the whole family to nap and nestle in.

1. Fringe Hammock ($118): This woven lounger transports you to the tropics with its netted, colorful fringe. Go ahead, take on an islander’s mindset and relax!

2. Colombian Double Hammock ($110): This South American cotton hammock offers a tight weave in traditional patterns and colors. Because of the tighter weave, it’s great for cooler climates or indoor use.

3. Wine Barrel Hammock: There are few pleasures in life greater than coming home after work to a nice glass of wine. And thanks to this amazing repurposed wine barrel, you can go ahead and unwind with wine no matter what time of day. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Original Hammock ($184): When someone mentions a hammock, this is the quintessential image conjured in the minds of most. A traditional sling made of cotton rope that’s hung on the porch, awaiting a relaxing swing in the breeze.

5. Vessel ($34,270): Meet the ultimate vehicle in escapism. Hammock meets bathtub in this jaw-dropping design of luxurious relaxation. Based on its price tag, this suspended, carbon fiber bathtub for two isn’t for everyone… but it’s still super fun to dream about! (photo via Design Boom)

6. Family Sized Hammock ($175): This pick fits two or three people comfortably and is woven to withstand more weight than a typical hammock. Pile on!

7. Kiosk Hammock Swing ($230): Known as the Cadillac of hammocks, this relaxation machine has been swinging around since 1982. But plan ahead if you want one… your wait will be at least 10 days, as they are made to order.

8. Siesta: Looking for a stylish DIY way to kick back, sit or swing? Look no further than a casual park bench outfitted with the relaxing properties of a hammock. This lounger was created by a set designer for Walt Disney Italy. Who else could come up with such a whimsical piece? (via Campeggi)

9. Yellow Sunshine Yoga Hammock ($225): If you’ve ever dreamt of performing in Cirque du Soleil, then this is the hammock for you. But seriously, for all of you aerial yogi’s out there, ditch the mat and awaken your muscles in the air.

10. Suspension Hammock: Bring on the wow factor in a way that adds playfulness to your home with this surprising, high-flying hammock. (via Dezeen)

11. Hammock Compatible Sleeping Back ($180): Never again shall you awake with aches and pains after sleeping on rocky or slanted ground again. If you’re the outdoorsy type, pack this hammock in your backpack pronto! Ready to take on all weather conditions, it’s like sleeping on a cloud.

12. Le Beanock ($590): When hammock meets bean bag, we’ve basically defined the true meaning of relaxation. Veg out indoors with a good book for the ultimate in comfort.

13. Kitty Korner: Cat’s in the cradle, for reals! Don’t forget about your furry friends, who obviously need some relaxation, too. And what cat wouldn’t want to hang around in this clever contraption? (via Desire to Inspire)

14. Portable Folding Hammock ($50): Take this guy with you and put it wherever you want to lounge. It sets up in only a matter of seconds!

15. Pillow Hammock: Bring some funky, fresh fashion skills to an indoor hammock adorned with lots and lots of patterned pillows. (via Bless Blog)

16. Hushamok Hammock ($499): The next best thing to momma’s arms, let your little one rock-a-bye baby in this organic hammock for sweet dreams. Great for traveling, as it packs light and requires minimal set-up.

17. Floating Bed ($3,795): Now here’s the granddaddy of them all! This oversized bed will rock you to sleep by mimicking womb motion… rock-a-bye baby!

What is your favorite way to lounge? Share your thoughts about these luxurious hammocks in the comments below or on Facebook.