Going on a trip is such a rip-roaring adventure. And incorporating mementos from your travels into your home decor can be a great way to remind yourself of your excursions, especially if you use all of the maps and scraps of paper that you’ve picked up along the way. Thesep 10 great travel DIYs will let you reminisce about your past journeys and keep you dreamin’ until your next one.

1. Adventure Heart Map: How many places have you visited? With this quick and easy map DIY, you could literally pin the places that are most dear to your heart. (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

2. Vintage Postcard Travel Journal: Postcards are something you can find in any city, or sometimes you can even come across antique ones in a thrift store. Combine them with washi tape and a vintage touch to create a sweet travel journal. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. United Colors of Love World Map: In case you don’t already know, we love to see the world in color rather than in black and white. So we’re doting on this map made out of a sea of colorful hearts. (via Welcome to the Mouse House)

4. Map Heart Art: This 5-minute DIY lets you create an entire wall of travel art in your home. And it could also be a fitting gift for your love, perhaps with a map of the city you two met in. (via Cinsarah)

5. Passport Holder: “Just Go” on a trip with whomever you’d like. But before you leave, make this cute-as-a-button polka dot passport holder. (via Always Rooney)

6. Le Paper Globe: Summon your children and have fun with this paper terrestrial globe. It will look neat near a lamp or hung from the ceiling, and your kids will definitely prefer it in place of studying geography from their books. (via Joachimesque)

7. Travel Memento Boxes: This is the perfect DIY project to organize maps, souvenirs, keepsakes and any other things that help you recall your trips. Ah, the memories that lie down memory lane! (via A Pair and a Spare)

8. Portfolio Mini Album: Do you have tons of holiday or vacay photos of you and your friends? Bust out some scissors and your washi tape, because it’s time to make the most adorable itty bitty photo album we’ve ever seen. (via Pop Photo)

9. Passport Art: This wall decor is achievable whether your passport is expired or not. Either use your old one or make color copies of your current one, and mount them on wood blocks to display. (via Brooklyn Limestone)

10: Pocket Travel Journal: A book and a notebook are always two of the best travel friends. Once you’ve made this, you’ll look forward to taking your next trip so you can fill in this cute travel journal. (via Simple As that)

Do you have any DIY travel projects that you’ve completed? Let us know in the comments below so we can try them out, too!