You don’t need expensive travel gear to globetrot by plane, train, automobile or foot. You just need the right accessories. Simplify your luggage by packing purposefully and light to save space, to stay organized and to cut down on baggage fees. Before setting off on your amazing summer getaway, channel your inner minimalist and leave some space in that suitcase for souvenirs by taking some tips from us on for hot travel gear on the cheap!

1. Destination Maps ($10): The Internet and guidebooks only take you so far, when you’ve reached your destination be sure to have this personalized guide in your travel bag. Laminated and waterproof, this map features the hottest spots in your locale (cultural, artistic, historic and incredibly detailed lists of the best shopping and hotels in the city). And don’t worry about these maps being out of date. They’re updated every four months!

2. Visual Storytelling App (Free): Welcome to journaling in 2014. Jot down your thoughts and document your experience by combining photos, videos and text in a story format. Share your stories with family and friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

3. Moleskine Passions Travel Journal ($20): If you prefer holding pen to paper over finger to iPad to jot down your thoughts and experiences, you’ve struck gold with this themed journal. Complete with tabbed sections, checklists, calendars, travel info, budget and trip planners, your memorable moments are sure to be well documented.

4. HotelTonight (Free): Don’t get stuck in a roach motel! If you’re a spur of the moment traveler, download this app ASAP. This app is the best way to score last-minute rooms at killer deals. Photos and reviews included.

5. World SIM Card ($19): These days being digitally disconnected is like being stranded on a desert island. It’s almost a given that when you land in an international destination, you may need to make a phone call, check Google Maps for directions or stay on top of email. Save yourself from the nightmare of international roaming fees and surcharges. Get an international SIM that offers cheap data and even cheaper local calls.

6. Pocket WiFi ($7 per day): One-up the international SIM and get WiFi right from your pocket! Being connected means more than just making calls. Nowadays it’s all about sharing your travel pics on Facebook, posting thoughts on Twitter and sending emails at a moment’s notice. Be sure to include this portable internet on your packing checklist.

7. Super Smart Luggage Tag ($20): Don’t lose your luggage ever again. Travel smarter with this trackable luggage tag.

8. DIY Ultimate Travel Bag: Can’t find the perfect bag to stow away electronics, reading material and necessary snacks on your travels? Look no further than your old laptop case and allow us to help you re-purpose it into the ultimate travel bag. (via Brit + Co.)

9. RollnBand ($20): Pro-packers know how to maximize space in their suitcase. It’s all in the art of rolling. Rolling your clothes saves space and reduces wrinkles. Oh, and we should mention, these magical bands are reversible letting you know which clothes are clean and which are dirty. Neat!

10. The Hoboroll ($28): The best part about traveling is packing, right? Psych! Make things easier with this nifty backpack organizer that includes five separate chambers. It appears to be a backpacker’s dream sack, however, the Hoboroll makes a great carry-on too.

11. Cotton Jewelry Sack ($24): Keep your most valued accessories neatly concealed and well-organized in this lightweight, graphic, natural cotton, drawstring bag.

12. Solid Shampoo ($11): No mediocre shampoo for your locks. This solid and natural shampoo is a great way for getting around the 3-1-1 liquids rule.

13. Travel Size Shaving Soap Tin ($12): For fellas avoiding the 5 o’clock shadow on their travels, grab this kit and breeze through airport security.

14. Mini Deodorizer and Dehumidifier ($10): Who knew? Bamboo is a natural deodorizer? Place this powerful pouch in your suitcase to keep things fresh.

15. Sunglass/Eyeglass Holder ($25): Having flashbacks of old school eyeglass chains? Don’t fret. Safeguard your specs in a fashionable way and never worry about leaving your glasses at that really divine restaurant or out-of-this-world market again!

16. Rechargeable Book Light ($20): Fun colors, stands on its own and recharges via USB — get it.

17. Compact Travel Pillow and Mask ($29): It’s a pillow, it’s a mask and it makes the perfect travel companion! Compact and multi-purposeful, seriously. you can’t go wrong with this… even if it doesn’t make you look like the coolest kid in town.

18. Neoprene Slippers ($30): There’s a time when comfort trumps style. However, thanks to French Bull, you get both. Slip these featherweight slippers on mid-flight or at the hotel when you’re ready to get out of those tennis shoes or hiking boots.

19. Vinni Bag ($30): That wine you bought in Tuscany is sure to make it home safe and sound in this inflatable protective travel bag.

20. Compression Bags ($25): No need to drag along an extra suitcase for all of your travel treasures. Use these space saving compression bags, and triple your packing space.

Are you bound for an adventure? Share your travel gear necessities in the comments below.