This here is an ode to The Solo Night In. As lovely as our friends are, as wonderful as karaoke plans with college pals sound and as much as those new shoes are dying to be worn out on the town, sometimes a quiet evening is exactly what the doctor ordered. So get those pajamas on and pamper yourself! With the Help of Kleenex® Brand, we’ve made a kit that’s all about treating yourself — because when you take care of yourself, you can be your best self. Who’s up for a mental health night?


DIY this kit and stow it in your room, then break it out to feel refreshed and re-centered.


  • Tea and Your Favorite Mug: Because there’s nothing quite like the comfort of hot tea in a cup that fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Kleenex® Ultra Soft* Tissue: We reach for Kleenex® Ultra Soft* when our favorite sitcom has us laughing so hard we’re crying or that foreign film is making us feel all the feels. The softness and strength provide much-needed comfort while we pull ourselves back together.
  • DIY Rose Water Mist: Trust us: This stuff is crazy refreshing. It’s hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and it smells *so* flippin’ good. (Psst: Kleenex Ultra Soft is also great for dabbing your face after using the mist!) Scroll on to see how we made it!
  • Notebook and Pen: For musings, doodles, daydreams, etc. etc. Diaries have to be good for the soul, right?
  • Nail Care Kit: No night of TLC is complete without a homemade mani. That’s pampering 101.
  • Candy: You know what else is good for the soul? Candy. Okay, that’s contestable, but you totally deserve a treat.

Maxin’ + relaxin’.

Now onto the DIY!


Materials and Tools:

  • basket
  • thick yarn (2 colors)
  • scissors


  1. Tie the end of one long piece of yarn to the lower corner of your basket.
  2. Weave through the rungs of the basket. Skip rungs as necessary to ensure that yarn passes over the outside of the corner rods.
  3. Tie the next color to the end of your yarn, then trim the ends. Continue weaving as you did with the first yarn skein.
  4. When you’re done, tie the end of your yarn to a corner of the basket and trim as needed.



*This* is how to live your best life.

BONUS: DIY Rose Water Mist


Simply mix one part rose water and one part witch hazel into a spray bottle. That’s it!


Need some comfort on the road? Make an on-the-go kit of these TLC essentials — like a travel-sized rose water mist, Kleenex® On-The-Go Slim Packs, now available with Ultra Soft* tissues (which are great for a makeup touch-up!), a tin of soothing tea, candy (duh) and a travel nail care kit. Stow it in your purse, your car or your cubicle to help you be your best self when out and about. Cheers!

EXTRA BONUS: Check out photos from our Brit + Co x Kleenex® Event!

We invited our pals to come make these wellness kits with us! The event had yummy food and cocoa, DIY wellness basket and rosewater spray stations *and* tons of Kleenex product and free goodies all about TLC. Check out some scenes from the cozy party below.


What would you include in your TLC kit? Tweet us @BritandCo and tag #KleenexMoment with ideas!

Production + Styling: Maddie Bachelder
 Photography: Chris Andre
 Model: Torii Burnett