As soon as those temperatures start falling, our bear-like hibernating tendencies come out, and we grab for the nearest blanket. Don’t have anything sitting on the arm of your couch or hanging off the back of your chair? We can take care of that. Refresh your sofa’s look and bundle yourself up with one of these 19 cozy fall throws.

1. Arv Throw ($375): Maybe you need a blanket made from Norwegian wool, and maybe this blanket, with stripes and geometric designs, is that blanket.

2. Mina Blanket ($178): Not only is it happy yellow, this blanket is so soft that it will become the adult version of your childhood blankie.

3. Granny Throw Blanket ($59): Grandma knows best — sometimes the coziest blankets are the colorful crocheted ones.

4. Mohair Striped Throw ($179): 50% mohair and 50% wool, this snuggly throw will definitely beckon you to sit, rest and enjoy that Pumpkin Spice Latte.

5. Yellow Arrows Throw ($85): This sunshiny beauty is made of cotton and promises all kinds of lazy afternoons curled up with your favorite magazine.

6. Forest Floor Throw ($296): Camping anyone? This lambswool throw is large enough for two people and a perfect way to kinda, sorta feel like you’re sleeping in the woods.

7. Faux Fur Throw ($80): We suggest adding hot chocolate with foamy marshmallows to this situation.

8. Temple Bells Throw ($128): The jewel tones of these throws are perfect for fall, and the tassels really add a good dose of glam.

9. Sweet Night In Throw ($90): Grab a glass of wine and this honeycomb-bedecked throw. We’re going in for an all-day Saturday Scandal-rewatching binge fest.

10. Super Chunky Throw Blanket ($385): Yeah, you know you want to wrap up in that.

11. Navy Herringbone Throw ($85): Like to eat spicy meatballs when you’re enveloped in a blanket? Buy this guy. He’s easy to clean, and it sounds like you need that.

12. Fowl Play Throw Blanket ($100): When the wind starts blowing and the snow starts falling, you’re going to be glad you bought this garden of eternal warmth.

13. Chunky Pom Pom Throw Blanket ($89): We’re willing to bet that your living room needs pom poms. Welp, here ya go.

14. Pendleton Motor Robe Throw ($119): Plaid and fall: they were made for each other.

15. Blah Blah Large Throw ($296): We’re dubbing this our “Phone Call Blanket.” It will make those long phone conversations more comfortable. (We swear we’re listening, mom!)

16. Faribault Buffalo Blanket ($99): This water-repellent, American-made wool throw is just the thing to keep you warm during your next bonfire.

17. Yellow Stripes and Arrows Throw Blanket ($59): Fleece throws are THE BEST when it comes to keeping you company when you’re nose-deep in a good book.

18. Pia Wallen Cross Throw Blanket ($99): Lovers of Scandinavian design, this one’s for you.

19. Siksakki Blanket ($149): Not only is this blanket totally cozy, made from 100% New Zealand wool, it’s also educational. And it’s here to teach you a new language: Siksakki means “zigzag” in Finnish. End of lesson.

Are you in need of a new throw blanket? What kind of material do you prefer? Tell us below!