If you’re in need of a therapist but you can’t find the time to search for one, or you’re just unsure of how to get started, the answer may be to just stay home. Dr. Phil and his son’s startup is joining the ranks of video therapy services with their new video chat venture. It’s called Doctor on Demand, and it’s free on Android and iOS.


To schedule an appointment, just fill in some background information and then schedule an appointment. There are already 300 mental health professionals on the other end, and as the company grows, there will surely be more added in the future.

In addition to psychologists, Doctor on Demand has physicians on call for those late-night fevers. For new moms, they even provide the guidance of a lactation consultant, all without having to leave your house. This app is making physical and mental health more readily available for anyone who needs medical help in a bind… which is all of us from time to time.


Most of the therapists using the program specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, which means they help you by identifying specific problems and providing tools to overcome them. This type of therapy works perfectly in video format. Sessions run $50 for 25 minutes and $95 for 50 minutes. The company is in talks with insurance providers, but there are no more details on that front yet.

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(h/t Yahoo)