Not every child is a born Picasso or Kahlo — but that doesn’t mean their parents don’t think so. There are few things more precious than a kid’s doodles, whether it be of their family, their pet or some sort of inexplicable alien-monster hybrid.

Now, the Turkish jewelry-making duo known as Tasarim Takarim are transforming even the simplest scribbles into permanent keepsakes. The pair works together to morph doodles into silver or even 24k gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, brooches and more. Stick figures have never looked better.

1. Sometimes the details of a drawing are the best part. This tiny crab looks just as lovely in silver as she does in red.

2. These jewelry-makers nailed this design. From the pouty eyes to the linework on the ears — this drawing looks like it literally came to life.

3. It must be a challenge to transform a colorful, complicated drawing into something simple. The designers say they work together to come up with the best approach to each drawing.

4. I’ve never seen more delightful cufflinks than this pair. This masculine staple looks positively fun with this quirky engraving.

5. Is it a puppy? Is it a hamster? Either way, it’s a ridiculously cute matching necklace and earrings set that I am sure gets tons of compliments.

6. Even a simple sketch on lined paper becomes positively sweet. I love the squiggly detail of the nose.

7. If your child has a more freeform hand, don’t worry! Tasarim Takarim can engrave your design onto a circular plate.

8. Is anyone else getting some serious Van Gogh “Sunflowers” vibes here? Impressionist genius or not, the craftsmanship of those teeny-tiny flowers is amazing.

9. This owl drawing is remade as a lovely silver brooch. The details are perfect — right down to the eyelashes!

10. Sure, Forever 21 probably has its fair share of pineapple-themed jewelry. But I’m guessing nothing they have will be quite as special as this one.

11. It’s amazing how well these jewelry designers are able to retain the creative spirit of the original doodles. This colorful and complicated airplane is just as fun in silver.

12. This kooky cowboy doodle got quite the luxurious makeover when it was transformed into 24k gold. The layering and cutouts help reimagine the original design, and the golden stick figure legs are just too cute to handle.

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