Forget Drake Cakes, There Is Now a Drake Coloring Book
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Forget Drake Cakes, There Is Now a Drake Coloring Book

Oh, Drake. Let us count the ways we love thee. Sure your music gets us totally pumped up during a workout or a long drive, but our admiration for you reaches far beyond our headphones. We’ve already put your lyrics on cakes (no really, Drake cakes are a real thing) so obviously, the only logical step forward in this relationship is to color in your face with markers. Please allow us to introduce you to this new coloring book that’s all about Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham.

The unofficial coloring book titled Under Star Projectors: The Drake Coloring Book was created by Sugoi Books, a press company “making great books for curious minds.” The company has also created a pretty magical Kanye paper doll kit. Throughout the book’s 32 black-and-white pages you’ll find illustrations from 19 artists of Drake playing ping-pong or declining your Facebook friend request. As an added bonus you also get this incredible picture of Drake really feeling all the feels.

Does this beat out that magical Ryan Gosling coloring book? Ehhh, we’re not sure about that, but you can bet we’re going to grab our markers and find out.

Snag your copy over on Sugoi Book’s site for £7 ($10).

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(Photos via Sugoi Books)