If you’re in the market to try one surprising skincare trend this year, make it dry brushing. The at-home ritual is not only an affordable way to step up your self-care game, but can result in glowy, balanced skin along with a myriad of other benefits (hello, cellulite reduction!). Here are five reasons to embrace the dry brushing craze ASAP.

1. It prevents ingrown hairs. Brushing against hair growth in areas where you shave or wax can work like a charm to prevent those pesky, under-the-skin hairs. Lindsay Boggoch, owner of the OC-based waxing boutique, The Wax Spot, advises clients to brush away dead skin cells to do away with ingrowns for good — armpits and bikini-area included. The thorough exfoliation also preps skin perfectly for the application of serums, body oils, and lotions. (Photo via The Local Rose)

2. It smoothes and plumps dimpled skin. Yes, we’re talking about cellulite — and yes, with regular practice, it helps reduce the appearance of it. By boosting your body’s natural detoxification mechanism, the lymphatic system, dry brushing clears toxins and smooths skin, which can temporarily cure those pesky dimples. (Photo via Beauty Glimpse)

3. It aids digestion. The Ayurvedic health experts at The Chopra Center suggest using circular brush strokes on the stomach to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. A couple of minutes spent on a grumbly tummy can help alleviate bloating, and for maximum digestive benefits, have a glass of hot water with lemon post-brushing. (Photo via Coveteur)

4. It detoxifies. The action helps increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system — your body’s natural cleansing mechanism — to clear another pathway for lymphatic drainage of toxins via your body’s largest organ — the skin! (Photo via The Local Rose)

5. It reduces stress. Choosing a stiff brush with natural (not synthetic) bristles makes the self-care practice feel great, not unlike a thorough back-scratching for your skin. Think of it like a gentle body massage twice per day. *Sigh* (Photo via Regenerate Magazine)

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