Press play. Just do it. And get ready to get lost in a smooth slow jam of… DuckTales? Yes. DuckTales. Posted this past weekend, this is the latest nostalgia remix to get the slow jam treatment, and we’re pretty on board. DuckTales still manages to feel like a fairly obscure cartoon reference. Most people only really remember the part at the beginning when Scrooge McDuck swims in a pile of gold coins and have vague memories of the best cartoon character name ever: Launchpad McQuack. But in this brillz slow jam, you just might find yourself wondering whether or not DuckTales was way more existential than you originally thought.

As children of the late ’80s and early ’90s, this tugs at our nostalgic heartstrings in a major way. If you can’t go for the whole video, we highly recommend fast forwarding to 02:28 for the duck-duck-goose breakdown.

Happy Wednesday!

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