If you’re the kind of person that absolutely needs their morning coffee and donut to start the day, then you’ll be thrilled to find out that Dunkin’ Donuts is launching a new and easier way for you to get your day rolling smoothly. Their DD’s On-the-Go Ordering is now available across the country, and allows you to simply use an app to let Dunkin’ know what you want, when you want it and where you want it.


The service, which was tested in Maine and the Greater Boston area in March, as well as by Portland peeps late last year, requires you to be a member of the chain’s DD Perks Rewards Program but if (and when) you are, you’ll be able to order your coffee and donuts up to 24 hours in advance and specify which location you’d like to hit up for your pick up. Having the ability to pass by the long morning lines and simply grab your already-ready order is definitely a bonus for those busy AM hours.

With the chance to order anything from coffee and donuts to sandwiches and wraps, this app not only has you covered in the morning but all day long, while also letting you earn extra perk points. Sweet!

Available for both iPhone and Android users, you merely need to download the “New Dunkin’ Donuts” app, and away you go on the road to faster, easier (which surely makes it yummier) donuts and coffee.

DL: iTunes / GooglePlay

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(h/t Mental Floss, photos via Ksenija_ok, dolgachov/iStock)