Most of us are risk-takers. We carry around $300+ smartphones in our hands, purses and pockets all the time and seem to forget that they’re not indestructible. We carry them in the same hand as a full cup of coffee. They bob up and down in shallow pockets when we walk. They sink to the bottom of our purses with that tube of open hand lotion. Gross.

Trust us, we’re fluent in phone cases and we know it can be tough coming across one with a nice design and the hardcore protection our pocket investments (slash addictions) really need. But we may have found one that does just that.

Taktik Extreme is a case made by the folks at Lunatik. You might remember Lunatik for its groundbreaking Kickstarter project that turned iPod Nanos into wristwatches. Wearables before there were wearables — impressive stuff. At the time of the 2010 campaign, it was the most successful Kickstarter to date. Since then, they’ve been making technology useful and, in the case of the Taktik Extreme, insanely durable.

Now let’s break down the details of this thing and see if it can really survive your extreme lifestyle:

– The face is made of Gorilla Glass for impact protection, and it’s still extremely responsive to touch.

– The audio and charging ports are sealed to protect from the general crud that gets in there.

– The case is closed with screws to ensure it will stay on.

– It has water and dust resistant coating.

– The design is sleek but still looks like you mean business.

You should really check their testimonial page. One person said they were riding their motorcycle, phone in pocket “doing tons of crazy stunts, like front flips, back flips, side spins.” The phone fell 25 yards while the driver was upside down in the air going 57 mph (we’ve all been there, haven’t we?) and left the incident without a scratch.

Look how it survives this blatant throw!

This phone case isn’t just for people doing flips on motorcycles. The fact is, life is extreme and it’s best to be prepared (so sayeth the Boy Scouts). But if you fancy yourself more casually cased, look into the less extreme version — Taktik Strike — or any of the other case designs by Lunatik. Here’s a peek at the full lineup…

How much protection do you need in a phone case? Give us the hard truth in the comments!