If you’re like us, sometimes you get lost on Google Maps. You decide to look up a random place you might want to travel to, then you go into street mode and “walk” around, then you zoom out, and in again, and 10 minutes later you’re somewhere completely new. And with the right eye, this digital journey just might lead you to some beautiful patterns.

Earth Patterns is a series of works created by Lauren Manning (with generous help from the actual Earth) that celebrates patterns that are all around us. Each image is a zoomed-in screen grab of spectacular satellite images of the planet found on Google Maps.

As Manning describes: “These are screen grabs of beautiful stuff I found exploring the globe from the comfort of my bed.” So dreamy.

Pattern locations include Anakara, Turkey, Bering Sea, United States, Texas Gulf Potash Pond, Monticello, Utah and Huelva, Spain to name a few. Set Google Maps to Satellite view and click on the links above to find your own patterns.

You can get lost in more high resolution earth patterns here, and we bet you’ll find yourself firing up Google Maps on the hunt for even more patterns!

What unusual things have you found on Google Maps? Talk to us in the comments below.

(h/t Swiss Miss)