One thing to love about brunch is all the variety of breakfast foods it can include. You can go traditional with pancakes and sausage or go out on a limb with mini quiche and asparagus hors d’oeuvres. But there is one brunch food that’s always a hit: the scone. They can be sweet, savory or somewhere in between, and always add the perfect touch to any meal. This makes Easter the ideal time to think about adding this treat to your brunch menu. Check out these 13 scrumptious scone recipes that’ll have your family and friends begging for more.

blood orange chocolate scones

1. Blood Orange and Chocolate Scones: Given that we’re celebrating Easter, it would be a shame to exclude chocolate from your mid-morning meal. And with that pink icing, how can you resist? (via PDX Food Love)

lemon poppy seed scones

2. Lemon Poppyseed Scones: Here’s a classic flavor combo that is sure to please all your guests. You might want to sneak one for yourself before they disappear. (via Krii’s Kitchen)

cranberry mint scones

3. Cranberry Mint Scones: Tangy cranberry and fresh mint come together in a scone that says “Eat me.” (via Produce on Parade)

lemon blackberry scones

4. Lemon Blackberry Scones: How about some springy lemon mixed with tart blackberries? Don’t forget the obligatory dusting of powdered sugar. (via Lauren Kelp)


5. Orange Cinnamon Scones With Dark Chocolate: Where there is a will, there is dark chocolate. Add those orange and cinnamon notes for the perfect scone to munch on all day long. (via Gather and Dine)

lemon thyme scones

6. Lemon and Thyme Scones: Using spices in bread may not be a new idea to you, but including them in a scone brings a whole new savory flavor to the table. (via Suvelle Cuisine)

oatmeal lavender scones

7. Oatmeal and Lavender Scones: It’s an aromatherapeutic smell, a healing oil and a soft-tasting flavor. Is there anything lavender can’t do? (via Chit Chat Chomp)

raspberry white chocolate scones

8. Raspberry White Chocolate Scones: You’ll want to be careful with these lovelies. They’re so small and so delicious that it’s easy to eat the whole bowl. (via Stew or a Story)

clementine scones

9. Clementine Scones: Put those winter citrus fruits to good use while you still can with these tangy-sweet scones. We’ll take two. (via The Buttery)

lemon rosemary scones

10. Lemon Rosemary Scones: Holy savory scone! These little guys go way beyond brunch — we’d totally eat ’em for dinner anytime. (via Kitchen Highlights)

chamomile honey scones

11. Chamomile and Honey Scones: Just because scones can hold their own without tea doesn’t mean you can’t put tea into your scones. After one taste, you’ll want to make these over and over again. (via Wallflower Girl)

blueberry brie scones

12. Blueberry and Brie Scones: We heart blueberry anything, so expect to see these on our Easter brunch table. (via Indigo Scones)

lavender lemon scones

13. Lavender Lemon Scones: If there ever was a scone that was the epitome of spring, this is it. (via Ambrosia)

What is your favorite scone recipe? Will you include them in your Easter brunch menu? We want to hear all about it below!