You鈥檝e planned the best lunch ever. There鈥檚 yummy聽food, delicious cocktails and a sweet pie鈥 but you forgot to think about decor. Don鈥檛 panic 鈥 this colorful banner only take 10 minutes to make. Whether you鈥檙e celebrating an intimate birthday or toasting to summer break, this cutie will add the extra touch you are looking for.

Horray Summer Party Banner


鈥 card stock

鈥 nylon thread

鈥 transparent tape

鈥 gold spray paint


鈥 circle paper punch

鈥 scissors

Step (1)

1. Decide what your banner is going to say, and draw the letters or print our printable.

2. Cut out the letters.

3. Spray paint the letters gold, and let them dry.

4. Take the nylon thread and tape the letters in place.

5. Now grab your first color of card stock and start punching.

6. Continue punching circles until you have a total of 14 yellow and 15 blue circles.

7. Decide how to display your yellow circles, and tape them to a piece of nylon thread.

8. Repeat step 7 with the blue circles.

9. Hang all three garlands and you鈥檙e done!


Once you鈥檝e decided on the perfect phrase, draw it or print it on a sheet of paper. Then carefully cut out the letters and spray paint them with any color you like. Let everything dry for a while, then tape the transparent thread on the back of your letters.


Now it鈥檚 time to make lots of colorful confetti, so take a piece of card stock and start punching circles. We made 14 yellow cirlces and 15 blue ones. Finally, tape some thread to the back of the circles, and you鈥檙e ready to hang up your creation.

Horray Summer Party Banner

These handmade gold and pastel beauties are perfect for any kind of summer party.

Horray Summer Party Banner
Horray Summer Party Banner

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