For those of you who never let your smartphone out of sight, packing bucket loads of useful features into your handy gadget sounds like a good thing. That’s because it is! From an oven that takes commands via text message to sensors that allow you to automate everything in your home, we're all about empowering our smartphones to help out around the house.

We love these types of innovations because the embrace our general ethos of living creatively, efficiently, and beautifully. Plus, they can be easily implemented into daily life. After all, who wouldn’t want to start the coffee maker from their smartphone?

So in that spirit, we are happy to introduce the INSTEON LED Bulb – the world’s first networked dimmable light bulb. That’s right, networked. That means the bulb itself – not the outlet or a wire switch – is controllable by INSTEON controllers and even your smartphone.

Don’t like coming home to a pitch black home at night but don’t want to leave a light on all day long? Want to be able to dim the lights during a romantic dinner without having to leave the table? You get the picture. We like to think of it as The Clapper for our generation.

And, as you may have guessed, the LED-powered bulb will save the world and your wallet since it produces the brightness of a 60W-100W incandescent bulb while using only 8W. Projections vary from 50% to 90% reduced power consumption. All this for just under $30.

Any INSTEON LED Bulb you install can be connected to as many controllers as you’d like. Choose from a door sensor, keypad, motion sensor, or even the tried and true wall switch. For another $100, you can harness the power of INSTEON’s SmartLinc Hub that allows for complete control from network-connected smartphones, computers, or tablets.

INSTEON is also proud of their simple setup. The picture above hardly does it justice. All customers have to do is connect their INSTEON controllers with the click of a button, replace their old Edison bulbs, and enjoy their new dimmable LED bulb with remote control!

Saving precious energy and money while enjoying the cutting edge of tech innovations sounds like a definite win. If you had only one of these nifty bulbs, which room would you put it in and why? Perhaps you'd use one of these modern desk lamps? Let us know what you think of the INSTEON LED Bulb. Comment below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.