7 Cool-Girl Piercings With Just the Right Amount of Edge
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7 Cool-Girl Piercings With Just the Right Amount of Edge

A brand new piercing is one of the most badass ways to show off your cool-girl style. For babes that want to channel romantic, girly vibes with the perfect blend of pretty-meets-edgy, a body piercing (like a throwback navel or tragus piercing) is the answer. Here are seven badass body piercings that pull off “edgy” and “femme” with It-girl-approved flair.

1. Subtle Septum With Yellow Gold Hoop: When in doubt, go for gold. This blogger’s flirty and feminine septum piercing is sweet, subtle, and timeless.

2. Triple-Conch Starburst + Forward Helix Piercings: Shoot for the stars with this triple conch and forward helix combo. Although it means four painful piercings, the stunning star jewelry is totes worth it.

3. Navel Barbell Piercing: While belly button rings are a serious #tbt, they are an adorable way to add a little bling to your style. Janet would be proud.

4. Diamond Tragus and Triple Conch Piercings With Pearls: What could be more ladylike than diamonds and pearls? You can’t go wrong with this timeless pairing that will forever be in style.

5. Double Helix Piercing With Bow + Embellished Hoop: Show your softer side with itty bitty, girly details. Who says you have to settle for simple studs when you can throw a teeny tiny bow in the mix? Game over.

6. Rook With Yellow Gold and Rhinestone Hoop: ICYMI, mini piercings can be super classy. This tiny diamond rook piercing looks cool AF with a delicate hoop on an otherwise bare ear.

7. Old School Cartilage Solitaire: While we’re on the subject of minimalist perfection, we’d like to give a shout-out to the original go-to piercing of rebellious teens — the cartilage solitaire. Sub out your grade school zirconia and upgrade this oldy-but-goody with a simple diamond stud.

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