Has anyone else noticed that body modification has gone totally mainstream? Even our favorite celebs (*cough* Rihanna *cough*) are turning into pierced, tatted babes. But before you conjure up images of gigantic bolts through your ears and studs in your chin, take a look at this eye-catching piercing that is all over the Insta-universe — the tragus piercing. Tragus piercings add a bit of edge in an HR-approved way with ear accessories that are luxe, quirky, detailed and bedazzled to match your every mood. Whether it’s your first piercing or one of many, these tragus earrings will def get you inspired to go for it this fall.

1. Pears and Sparkle: This stud reminds us of that vintage ring your grandmother is likely to have gifted you. The pear-shaped gem surrounded by sparkly accents is just the right amount of everyday extravagance.

2. I Can See Your Halo: Halos aren’t just for engagement rings — they also look great on your ears. These triple circlets give a high-end look to a tiny piece of ear jewelry. Feel like getting your tragus pierced yet?

3. Simply Bolt-iful: You don’t always have to razzle dazzle them to leave a huge impression. Sometimes it’s easier to keep it simple. This tiny lightning bolt adds a little sparkle but is still inconspicuous.

4. The Beyhive: Let the rest of the world know you’re a member of the Beyhive with these intricate gold bee earrings. Warning: Look out for well-meaning swatters.

5. Double Tragus: Upgrade your ear situation with not one, but two tragus piercings. Instead of rocking one piece of jewelry you get to double the blinged-out fun.

5. Heart Shaped: Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your ear? Whether you’re wearing it for someone special or just because love makes the world go ’round, this simple heart is just the right amount of understated bling.

6. Faux Double Trouble: If you’re afraid of needles or don’t have enough cartilage real estate, going for a double tragus piercing is probably not something you can handle. This horseshoe gives you the appearance of a double tragus without the extra pain.

7. Luxe Minimalism: If you’re worried about wearing your tragus piercing in the workplace but still want a little excitement, try this minimalist bar. It offers an instant upgrade via the bling but isn’t too splashy. Plus, it’s like having two studs in one: Wear it horizontally when you want a bit of a change.

8. Simply Studded: Can’t really describe your obsession with pineapples? Neither can we, but the fruit seems to be everywhere. Now you can pay homage to your favorite tropical fruit with this cool little stud.

9. Flower Power: Sometimes we forget that body piercing jewelry is real jewelry. Splurge a little on a 14k rose gold rosette.

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