Ellen already worked her way into our hearts many years ago with her humor and warm heart, but more recently she’s been integrating herself into our wardrobe as well. The talk show host and comedian released her own home decor and clothing line a little while back and more recently launched a collection with GapKids.


The new line (which used models with some pretty impressive resumes) is pretty much exactly as playful as you’d expect it to be. Expect to find tees with slogans that read, “And though she be but little she is fierce” and “be your own hero.” The collection is packed full of back-to-school duds that are perfect for both the classroom and the playground alike, but there is one item included in the collaboration that has really stolen our hearts: DIY patches.


Whether your little one (or maybe even you) wants to spell out their name or give their favorite denim jacket a happy face upgrade, there is a patch every kid will love. We’re totally digging the DIY element Ellen and Gap have included here. Now kids can not only go back to school shopping, but they can also start back to school making! If anything is going to help get rid of that summer brain drain, it just might be a good, old fashioned DIY project.

Grab the patches before they sell out (here, here and here) for $15 to $27.

What’s your favorite piece from the ED + GapKids collection? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via GapKids)