In Dothraki culture, warriors and Khals wear long braids with a bell attached to them for every enemy they kill. The braid must be cut when the warrior is defeated and it is a sign of great dishonor. Luckily, it seems the same rules don鈥檛 apply to Khaleesi.

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Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones actress and unknowing member of my cadre of 鈥渃elebrities I secretly think would be my BFFs,鈥 showed off a short new haircut on her Instagram yesterday. Clarke (the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men) credits stylist Apollio for 鈥渂ringing sexy back鈥 in the form of her spicy new bob. Clarke (Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons) is taking her new do on the road for the press tour of her new movie Terminator Genisys which comes out in theaters July 1.

Certainly drastic haircuts aren鈥檛 new to the GoT cast (Lena Headey 鈥 SHAME much?) but we think Clarke鈥檚 (Mother of Slaves, Stormborn) is especially cute. We鈥檙e stoked that she鈥檚 joined the legion of women (aka my other celebrity BFFs) Mindy Kaling and Dakota Johnson in cutting off their hair and flaunting it on Insta.

Calling it now, next to one-piece swimsuits, short haircuts are the best summer accessory.

Bob on, queens, bob on.

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(Photo via @emilia_clarke, Ethan Miller/Getty)