We hate to be the one the break it to you, but if you’re still wearing a ponytail, you’re doing it wrong. Braids have not only revived their place in the hair game since their prime days of the ’90s, but they’re back and better than ever. If all the festival hairstyles weren’t enough to prove that point, Emma Roberts’s innovative braided hairdo should do the trick.

Emma’s hairstylist Riawna Capri shared this snap of the celeb a few days ago alongside the caption, “It’s all about the little things.” At first glance, Emma’s hair looks like a simple, straightened style, but look a little bit closer and you’ll see a messy braid thrown into the mix.

While French braids and boho crown braids are perhaps two of the most covetable twisted styles, Emma’s look offers a trendy feel without the hand-eye coordination needed for the other two (because let’s be honest, sometimes it’s HARD). Looks like we just found our new favorite five-minute hairstyle.

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(Photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty)