If you’re still stumped on what to dress up as for the upcoming Halloween festivities, go as something we all use on a daily basis: emojis! That’s right, pick your favorite one and get to work. From the hair flip girl to the smiley face with sunglasses, whichever one you choose, we’re here to help you pull it off #likeaboss. Scroll on down to check out 17 of the best emoji costumes on Instagram for inspiration.


1. Twinning: By far the most popular option, and with good reason, since it’s so easy to put together. Just grab your BFF and matching black outfits and DIY the headbands with pieces of thick cardstock. (Photo via @britandco)


2. Cat Heart Eyes: Release your inner feline this Halloween. Heart-shaped sunglasses and cat ears make this an instantly recognizable costume. You can always draw the nose and whiskers right on your face if you’re putting this together last minute. (Photo via @briteandbubbly)


3. Ice Cream Cones: We scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream emojis! Halloween isn’t just for candy corn and Reese’s peanut butter cups anymore. (Photo via @anjelikatemple)


4. Lips: This lip-smacking good costume not only utilizes your favorite bubblegum pink lipstick, but it also give you an excuse to rock those awesome glasses all night. Pucker up! (Photo via @aww.sam)


5. Pineapple: No one can resist a dog in a pineapple costume. Repurpose an old kid’s t-shirt for the body and whip up a felt headpiece in a single afternoon. (Photo via @bonjourbrie)


6. Maternity Emoji: This is a costume made for two. Create the face from yellow fabric and felt, then attach to your most comfortable black dress with double-sided tape. Who knows, you might even win best group costume ;) (Photo via @britandco)

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7. Lovely Couple: Two t-shirts and a heart prop are all you need for this one. Just make sure you and your other half stay close all night long or you’re both bound to get the “what’s your costume?” question over and over again. (Photo via @pabelonastudio)


8. Lady in Red: Find a killer red dress and a hot pair of heels, because you’re bound to get tons of attention when you show up as the Spanish dancer emoji. Don’t worry if you don’t have the moves to go with it — just nail the signature pose and you’re good to go. (Photo via @anjelikatemple)


9. Sushi: Pick a less-used but still-cool emoji like sushi, a skull or even the poop one to guarantee no one else has the same costume as you. Creativity is key here. (Photo via @saltrejo)

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10. Moon Face: Have the face printed at your local office supply store and ask them to enlarge it as much as possible. Attach to poster board and cut out eye holes. An elastic headband and a dab of hot glue make the whole things hands-free. (Photo via @srdav)


11. Monkeys: If you and your friends would rather not wear masks all night, then just attach identical monkey faces to regular baseball caps. The hardest part will be remembering which one you’re supposed to be. (Photo via @babbbysammm)


12. Hand Holding Couple: Only do this costume with someone you really like, because you’ll be holding hands all night. A quick rummage through your closet (or trip to the thrift store) will yield everything you need. Bonus points if your guy lets you tease his hair to get the right amount of fluff. (Photo via @sportteafibre)


13. Swimmer: You may hardly ever use this emoji, but we can bet you know exactly which one it is with just one look. (Photo via @mwilesmith)


14. Pizza, Cool Guy and a Flag: Don’t be afraid to go for the seemingly hard-to-pull-off emojis like the slice of pizza or American flag. The end result will be well worth the effort, and your friends will be asking for pictures left and right. If nothing else, slap on a yellow beanie and a pair of dark sunglasses and just be cool. (Photo via @davidgalea24)


15. Construction Worker: Pin your intended emoji on your shirt in plain sight to save yourself from answering the same question 10 times: “I’m the hair-flip emoji. Duh!” (Photo via @rachelleahr)


16. Fork + Knife: Show everyone just how well you and your best gal-pal go together with these easy-to-make but totally hilarious costumes. All-black clothing keeps the utensils the main focus, but no matter what you wear, this costume is kind of hard to miss. (Photo via @e_m_crawford)


17. Haircut: This costume is a cut above the rest, and perfect for an actual hairstylist. Cut a scissors shape out of cardboard and paint. Once everything is dry just glue one end to a thin plastic headband that can easily be hidden in your hair. (Photo via @hairbytt)

Will you be DIYing any of these emoji costumes? Tell us which one you like best and tag us in a photo on Instagram.